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Added on Monday 23 May 2005, 09:16 (UTC)
Jay Kay - FHM Magazine (UK) - July 2005

The July issue of FHM magazine (UK) has an interview with Jay, together with a new photo of Jay and his cadillac motor car (together with its "DYNAMITE" licence plate).

The interview doesn't mention the album or single, and in between all the swearing and "X-rated" talk Jay says he has 60 hats, and a "wicked shoe fetish"...

"I love a pair of good shoes!  I've got a thing on tour, that when someone in the band spots a good-looking girl in some sexy little boots, they have to shout, "Booooots!"  You can hear it all over our live recordings."

When asked about the go-kart track he has at home, he said... 

"My neighbours have complained about the noise, so apparently I'm only allowed to race on 14 separate occasions a year.  That's fine with me - I'm thinking a 24-hour race, 14 times a year.  Lovely."

The July issue of FHM magazine is on sale now. 

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