New album and tour plans for 2009...

Added on Sunday 02 November 2008, 07:29 (GMT)

Whilst in Germany performing small gigs as part of a tour to promote the launch of the new Audi Q5 motor car, some interviews with Jay are appearing in the German press.

In an interview published at the website, they print the following:

  • It is hoped that the new album will be released around May/June 2009.
  • There are plans for a number of festival tour dates in 2009.
  • A new record deal (contract) will be signed shortly.
  • There will be concerts in Hong Kong and Korea later this year.
Jay also said that he owns 37 motor vehicles and that he "drives too fast!"

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longing for the new album, wuhooooooo :)

seven months, god!


wake me up in seven months :)

we are waiting for Jamiroquai in Chile on 2009

yeaaaaaah !!!

There are no doubt lots of other interviews appearing on German websites at the moment. Please feel free to post links to them here.

Here's on I was told about by Brigitte. Thanks.

Here another article: - it says that the performance in Munich was 30 minutes long.

Looking forward to new material and to some live gigs... now I need to start saving some $$$$!!!

Seven "months" in sunny June, just long enough to bloom,
The flowers on the summer dress you wore LAST we need a new sampler, like now!!!

OMG can't wait for that ^_^
I'm literally CRAVING for new sounds of Jamiroquai :D

Summer09 will be a great one, that's 4 sure

OMG!! I'm so excited about the new album and for the upcoming gigs.

Don´t forget come back to Spain...

USA! USA! USA! or Canada! Looking forward to the new music. I'll start saving that money too C!

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