Jamiroquai at number 1 in UK albums chart

Added on Sunday 12 November 2006, 16:10 (GMT)
High Times: 1992-2006 cover

They did it!  High Times: Singles 1992-2006 is today (Sunday) number 1 in the Official UK Albums Chart.  Much that we have to thank the band for making such great music over all these years, thanks have to be also directed at us, the fans, as this week we have gone and spent our money on this collection - both on CD and the superb DVD.

The band are naturally over the moon about this and here is what drummer Derrick McKenzie wanted to say...

I am emailing you to thank you for all the hard work you have put into your website and also keeping all of the fans in contact with us over the years, and also to congratulate you on helping us get another No.1 Album, well done. 

I would also like to thank all of the fans that we have all around the world who  have stuck by us and given us their unconditional support. All the guys in the band are over the moon about having another No.1 album and going out on a high note with the record company which we are all so proud about.

I really want all the fans to be proud of themselves too for helping the album get to No.1 and their support over the years.

For me it has been 13 years so far and I am looking forward to doing plenty more things in the future and keeping the fans happy and bringing new fans on board for the future.

Much Love to you all and thank you so much for everything.

Derrick xxxxx

Derrick has also posted a similar message on his MySpace blog. 

This is Jamiroquai's fourth number 1 album, and for those curious, here is how previous Jamiroquai albums have fared in the UK albums chart - Emergency On Planet Earth (1), The Return Of The Space Cowboy (2), Travelling Without Moving (2), Synkronized (1), A Funk Odyssey (1), Dynamite (3).

In other chart news, Runaway dropped from number 18 to 32 this week in the UK singles chart, and from 15 to 28 in the hit40uk chart.

UPDATE: 12 Nov 19:00 GMT: Music Week has revealed that High Times sold 78,957 copies this week, with the number two labum (by Angelis) selling 65,050 copies.  They also write...

"High Times is Jamiroquai's fourth number one. It’s not the band's best first week seller - Synkronized was one of their more modest albums in overall sales but opened with a big sale of 98,834 in 1999, while A Funk Odyssey also opened bigger in 2001, with first week sales of 80,209. The last Jamiroquai album, Dynamite, debuted at number three on sales of 64,150 in June 2005. Jamiroquai's all-time best seller, Travelling Without Moving, never reached pole position. It debuted and peaked at number two in 1996, behind REM, with first week sales of 65,263 but has gone on to sell 1,200,274 copies."

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Great news!
Well done to all that bought the CD and DVD like me !
Loving that Jamiroquai seem to be everywhere at the moment and now number 1 in the chart.

thans also need to be given to you david. without this site we wouldnt know anything about new releases, wehere to see them, when there on the tv/radio. your site is my main source to know when their doing anything.

Oh, by the way....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNUUUUMMMMBBBEEERRRR OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well done Jamiroquai...congratulations to all the band, a perfect end to a wonderful era.

Now let's party Jamily :D xx

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! I'm well proud of the band its great news now just to hear it on the Chart shows on the radio now so i can rub it in other ppl's faces lol! I bought both vershs of the CD and DVD and i'm well proud that this has counted like everyone else who bough their copies! Now to hang on until next week thats gonna be hard with all the competition. But the biggest thank you should go to the band for the years of hard work and the great music they've given to us. And to many more years of that!

Jamiroquai : Number 1 in the UK Chart today, but Number One in my heart ! All my life ! :-)

I'm very very very happy for this.. And we already know that they're the number one!! :)
Well done!

I knew they were n°1!!
is just great and it surely thanks to funkin too!
I'm so proud!

Dancing Deja

By buying the album and helping Jamiroquai get to number 1 is the biggest tribute that we can pay to Jay Kay, and all the members of the band past and present.

Long live jamiroquai, and may the next 14 years bring just as many High Times to us all as they have done for the last 14 years!


I love "Runaway". It should be number 1 too ! I live in Barcelona and I don´t see Jay in "Las Ramblas".I buy this record in Tuesday and not in Monday when Jay was in Barcelona. I can´t forgive this fact!
I miss "Supersonic" and "You Give Me Smething" in the first CD.

congratulations to all the band members,god bleeess you aaaaaaaaaall . love and peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

Fantastic! And now the second era begins...

Jay Kay was just on radio 1 (pre-recorded) 17.16, if anyone listens to the show again later :D

Yeah i heard it on Radio 1 but where's the track from the album????

Congratulations guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations Jamiroquai, Jamily and David.

I'm so proud to be a fan today, and always, 'cause Jamiroquai are purely cosmic and have always given me the highest times and the love of my life.

u deserve it so much!! fantastic news...
little h..agree with every word u said! :)

. . . and thank you personally Derrick for your messages and recognizing the hard work David puts in and appreciating the loyalty of the fans.

Congratulatons Jamiroquai. They will leave the record company being proud of themself ! Sony Should be ashamed

yeah!!!!! great!!!!!! yes yes yes!!!! for ever number one!!!!

Thoroughly deserved and about time, who else has a back catalogue like this!!!!!!!
Jamiroquai, Jamiroquai - NO.1, Jamiroquai - NO.1!!!

This is great news for Jamiroquai and all the fans. I bought two copies of the album and the DVD, so i did my part as a fan.
I hope the album is still at Number 1 next week, but there's alot of competition for that so any where in the top 5 would be good.

Awesome to the max! I bought the CD and the DVD on Monday, but when I read later in the week that they were heading for Number 1 I went out and bought another CD and another DVD as Xmas presents, and I made sure to buy them this week to make them count. Looks like it helped!...

SONY must be kicking themself for letting Jami go, they are the best!!
Congratulations to the whole band, you really deserve it! and as soonest the album come to my country I will buy it ;)

Wonderful news! Congratulations to all :) It is the perfect way to end their contract with SONY. Can't wait until the album releases in the USA. Much love to all!

Yeah!!! Congratulations and thank you very much!!!

Good stuff. Bought the CD and DVD. They are great. If Sony don't snap them up again they are going to miss out.

WOUAHOOH !! C'est excellent ! Que dire de plus à part : BRAVO ! Encore une victoire pour le groupe ! Je suis vraiment ravie !
J'ai acheté un exemplaire du double CD (edition limitée)ainsi que le DVD : j'adore "runaway" et "radio" et je trouve le CD2 des remixes vraiment bien ! Donner du renouveau sur les anciens tubes du groupe est une trés bonne idée !! THANX JAY KAY ! THANX ALSO TO THE MUSICIANS !

Venez visiter le site français de JAMIROQUAI, c'est un trés bon site pleins d'infos, de photos et videos : que du bonheur !




Jamiroquai is so unique, is numer one in all the world!

CONGRATULATIONS to all guys of JAMIROQUAI!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely

Please, make music for us forever

great well done everybody we all showed girls aloud that you got to have pedigree to bring out a greatest hits

Congratulations! Well deserved! :)

oh, that's dope. congratulations jamiroquai - past and present. i hope they crack the billboard 200 here in america next week or runaway remixes make it to the dance charts. we'll see..but for now, congratulations again.


WOO HOO!!!!!! I am SSSOOO proud of you guys for getting No. 1 - you deserved it - all the wonderful music you've given us over the years, you're right where you should be at No. 1!!!!!


If it wasn't for the music Derrick...

Thankyou for really giving us the music we need, in what can be hard times. Gongratulations!

as a fan of Jam since the beginning, all them years ago Im simply over the moon with this news. Congrats Jamiroquai and all those involved

Congratulations Guyz!
Keep up the good work: U r THE legend through these high times
God bless U ;)


Alright guys, congratulations! These surely are High Times..

This is just FUNKY!!!! you re the best jamiroquai, keep the funky groooove boys!

Well done Dave R.. this is for u more than anybody. IM DELIGHTED for you.., the fans and of course the band and jay kay. Well Done you deserve every bit of it.

OOOOOOOOO! Is Number One O really Funny, Youre The Best Jamiroquai is the best Sing of all the History 1992-2006 is Number One ó EXCELLENT. Bye.

This is good, really good, after a great time and a year of touring i just expect the band starts doing what jay kay as been saying they´ll do, he best music in the funkin world!!!! keep on jazzin...

Great news! Well deserved. Now lets hope it stays there at least another week. But have to agree with cosmic girl ie where was the track from the album? Yet another snub by radio 1. They couldn't wait to interview Mcfly. Can anyone name a Mcfly hit? I guarentee u that in one years time no one will remember them. What a disgrace and shame on radio 1.

congratulations! will be buying when it reaches here :)

congrats boys...much deserved


CONGRATS!!! Truly deserved!

Excellent news! $ony will be gutted to lose them, but to their credit, the promotion campaign this time around has been absolutley faultless. If only Dynamite had recived this much attention they would not have had to bring out a Greatest Hits in the first place! Well done to the band, the fans and for keeping us informed!

Congratulations chaps, you deserve this number 1 for 13 great years of awesome funk! Keep it up!


Faultless? Promotion? LOL! I guess the promotion in the UK has been really good. But in the rest of the world? Hell no. I can of course only speak for myself, but in Sweden the promotion has been nonexistent. Not even a single friggin' poster in the record stores.

Funkygod bless these high times ! thanks guys for having changed my life...

Awesome, hoping they have similar success here in the US. They deserve to be on top, the music is incredible.

Thank God..the band are so deserving and I am so proud they are UK - Love you all!!!

congrats to jamiroquai and thanks to all the buy the cd-dvd
jamiroquai is number one again yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The promotion in New Zealand hasnt been bad. Their was a huge poster in the front of Real Groovy (best music store in auckland) and it was torn down!!! (so obviously someone likes jamiroquai). Ive also seen ads in magazines and also ads on tv

I hope they will do well on the Swedish chart too. My daughters helped them out by buying the DVD and the 2CD edition for Father's Day (great daughers I have don't you think?). :)

I guess I'll be helping them out in Japan as I'm ordering the Japanese CD/DVD release as well. Not that I think they need any help in Japan of all places. ;)

Still no sign of Runaway here... I'll have to order it from the UK after all.

Oh, and still no sign of a poster or advertisment. Promotion over here sucks... nonexisting...

Here in Australia, I picked up the CD at a chain CD store on release day. At the front of the store as you walk in, I was happy to see a big shelf with tons of High Times CDs. I have seen a commercial on tv (Ten station) today, so I think the promotion here is pretty good.

Very excited to see it #1 in the UK, now I wonder what's #1 here?

Beautifull! Along the lines of Msp, great way to end an era!

Promotion in South Africa has been great. One of the radio station's was giving away: GH album,DVD,EOPE, ROTSC,TWM, Dynamite and Live in Verona during each radio session.

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