Added on Saturday 15 July 2000
Happy Birthday! Here's a story....back in the Summer of 1996 I wanted to learn to write HTML and by combining it with my favourite band, a little Jamiroquai web site was born. With the explosion in the world wide web the site grew rapidly mainly down to the contributions of fans like you and I from around the world. Rather than hearing about what Jamiroquai are up to when they toured your country or released CD's, anyone could now read news (and gossip) from the other side of the globe. As the site got bigger, the time and dedication that I was able to put in unfortunately decreased due to other commitments. After getting married in November 1998 I started putting more time and effort into the site and although the size of the site hasn't really increased, the news updates have become more frequent. As we hit the fourth birthday of the site it's all systems go. Recent additions have been the addition of an AvantGo channel and very soon I've got some great concert photos to put on the site. Outside of this site Jamiroquai has been keeping me busy as for the past year I have been reporting and taking photos from concerts and appearances for the official Jamiroquai web site. So, will I be writing another birthday message on this page in a year's time - most definitely.

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