Added on Sunday 19 September 1999
Supersonic entered the UK singles charts today (Sunday) at number 22. The chart commentry at dotmusic says... "Jamiroquai come back down to earth slightly after the Number 4 smash hit Canned Heat, just missing out on a place in the Top 20 with their second release of the year. Supersonic's rather darker feel has contributed to a lack of airplay and it is certainly one of the more challenging singles they have ever released - how many tracks released this year can you name with a Digeridoo at the front of the mix?. In short, it is a bold choice for release as a single but given time it grows on you, just like many other similarly challenging Jay Kay penned tracks before it." For those outside of the UK, Canned Heat is still getting much much more airplay than Supersonic ever has received. I also think that the release of the video was too near to the release date of the single which hasn't made it any easier for the likes of MTV and The Box to promote it in advance of release.

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