Added on Tuesday 24 August 1999
Today's Daily Star newspaper (UK) has an article about Denise Van Outen saying that the only reason Jay hasn't proposed yet - is because he's on tour. From the article.... She's confident they'll tie the knot when the singer finishes his live dates at the end of the give them a romantic Millennium wedding. Denise and singer Jay Kay have been seeing each other for almost two years now. Despite Denise's angling, the long-haired pop star hasn't done the decent thing yet. But she's sure they will tie the knot soon. Denise said: "We've talked about it and I'm sure he'd do it now but he's on tour at the moment. When he proposes I want it to be a surprise anyway." Denise, 25, also denied that she wanted to live apart from Jay Kay after they finally married. But she admitted that even though people tell her to keep her mouth shut about their romance - she can't help talking about it because she's so in love with the funk band's frontman. "People tell me not to talk about my relationship with him so much but I can't help it." "I'm 25 and I've met someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'm in love. It's really exciting and I know that excitement won't go away."

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