Added on Saturday 14 August 1999
I've just had some of the Japanese news about Hey Hey Hey translated to English. According to the Sony "flying" site, on August 8, Jamiroquai members arrived at Narita airport in Japan. Jay was late because of the promo video of Supersonic. Take some rest, they went to Tokyo Media City (Studio), and take "MUSIC HAMMER", "HEY ! HEY ! HEY ! MUSIC CHAMP" which will be on air Aug,15 13:30-14:00 and Aug.23 20:00-20:55. After taking, they went to discount shop. Jay bought an air gun "Sig", bullets, two truncheon (or nightstick. He bought them for himself and his girlfriend. He said that he bought them for self-defence. His girl friend is intimidated by stalker.), and knitted cap. At the same time, Toby looked for a Rolex watch. Jay also bought "Hello kitty" goods for his girl friend. Though he was not interested in, he bought them because he was told by Sony UK staff. Back to the hotel, they joined other members, and went to a Chinese noodle shop. After eating, they went to Roppongi.
Credit: Ino

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