Added on Wednesday 28 July 1999
Jay is featured in the August issue of Vibe magazine.The interview dates back to his promotion campaign in NY back in April. This is what Jay says about the name Jamiroquai - "I'd come in one night and seen this spaghetti western playing on TV. I was stoned. There were the horses"- Kay imitates the sound of jetting hoofbeats - "the Indians, and the horns. I could see that all these elements were so like my hat!" Instantly, he conflated the name of a Vietnam-era helicopter (the Bell 1H1V Iroquois), the Native-American reference ("I did my reading and found out it was part of the six tribes who hang around the New York region"), and the notion of jamming to get to that fairly magical made-up name, Jamiroquai. "I could almost see it then", Kay recalls, "Ladies and gentlemen, Jamiroquai!". Also relating to the name of the band, in the magazine Ministry it says that Jamiroquai could have its roots in the fact that Jay was taking acid when he thought of it - so the name was formed in his deranged and stoned mind!
Credit: Julie Christodoulou

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