Added on Tuesday 13 July 1999
On 13 July 1996 I opened the doors to a website dedicated to my favourite group - Jamiroquai. Starting with just a handful of pages the site has grown and grown into what you see today. The formula of the site hasn't changed much over the years - the main priority being news, followed by graphics, and I think that the site serves its purpose in giving the fans what they want which is regular news about their favourite funksters. This last year has seen children for Derrick and Toby, the departure of Stuart, the arrival of Nick and unbeliveable amounts of press coverage surrounding the fantastic new album Synkronized. Regular readers will also know that a few months ago I was approached by Sony S2 to contribute to the official website. Being offered the chance to get involved with Sony and Jamiroquai in order to try and bring better coverage of the band (yes, not just Jay) to the internet site was an unbelivable offer which I just had to accept. You may have seen some of my work to date (reviews of Greenwich, Brighton and Wembley concerts) and there are plenty more ideas in the pipeline. Before I go on and on I'll end it here and say thanks for the last three years - it has been you, the readers of this site who have made it what it is today and I am so grateful for the information you have contributed. See you next year. Thank you. David.

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