Montreux Jazz Festival date announced

Added on Tuesday 17 April 2018, 11:03 (UTC)

Jamiroquai are heading back to the Montreux Jazz Festival on Saturday 14 July. This will be the bands fourth time at Montreux and the first in 15 years.  More information can be found at the Montreux Jazz Festival website.

Credit: Pablo Ruiloba

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Ok, they are coming to Montreux, great, and I live in Geneva (100km) but come on, 335 CHF??? Last year (last year!!) at Paleo it was less than 100 CHF!!! I love them dearly, but what in the world justifies a ticket price that high? I must say that I am attending Montreux every year and happy to spend 300 CHF on VERY sparse artists (Herbie Hancock or Stevie), but not on JK and the band that can be seen for 10th the price in some unknown festival like in Athens or Le Mans for 40 Euros?? Montreux organizers are crazy... this festival will die one day soon...

That is crazy money indeed, even by Switzerland standards. Jamiroquai are not worth that money in 2018.

If you are attending Montreux I think you should ask for a hot girl massage and a chocolate bath in the end.

I saw Herbie FOR FREE last year and Roy Ayers for 10 euros!!

It's 135.- standing, 335.- is if you want to sit.

I think the price is high because it’s a festival you have other artists performing. I paid about 90 USD for a concert in Firenze in 2017 and I bought a ticket to the San Fran show that was about $110 USD not including fees ... places to stay in San Fran was way too high I sold that ticket and paid less than $80 USD for Queens. I’m a fan I made a whole trip out Europe based around the Jamiroquai concert in 2017 we don’t get to see them much in America I’m so I f I hear them coming all over it!!! Go and Enjoy the other artist sound cool too.

Try justifiying $500+ for one band you like at Coachella! No way!

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