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Added on Saturday 06 January 2018, 08:11 (UTC)

Recently over on the Jamiroquai subreddit and Facebook fan group a different video for Cloud 9 was found on the website of music video direct Jason Smith.  He had previously directed the videos for Corner of the Earth and Love Foolosophy.  Much discussion took place online and then it was suggested that the video might work better for Nights Out In The Jungle.  One fan decided to put the NOITJ audio over the video and upload it to YouTube (video now removed) - and it looked and sounded great.

Fast forward a few hours and all of a sudden the video from the directors website is updated to remove the 'Cloud 9' video and then Jamiroquai announce their 'secret new video' for Nights Out In The Jungle on twitter.  The video is available to watch on YouTube and via the official site.

Looking back through previous interviews over the past year back in April 2017 Jay talked about a video for NOITJ on BBC Radio...

"...there is a video for that.  It's me sitting in... which was going to be for Cloud 9, but uncannily you put this track to it and it's basically me just going around town, in the back of a car, in black leather, in the back of an old '76 Rolls Royce."

Well, I think this is all starting to make sense now!

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Yeah I know what you mean, David, this was part of a pretty crazy series of unfortunate accidental uploads for the "Automaton" album cycle of either music videos/interviews, from 2017 to the present. This third time being a bit of a 'concerted Jamily effort', like the good ole' daze of the early Jamily internet before 'social media' exploded wide open and opened MANY, and I do mean MANY 'secret red curtains' all across the information superhighway.

Funny..It feels a bit like we have something to do with this..haha..

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