Superfresh video (official) release

Added on Thursday 29 June 2017, 12:24 (BST)

After it's accidental release a few days ago Jamiroquai have officially revealed the promo music video for Superfresh.  It is available to watch at the JamiroquaiVEVO YouTube channel.

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Woman in the hat, dancing, is sexy as hell.
However... it's a very safe simple video that doesn't quite make the cut.
Song is an absolute groove.


Circumstantial i feel. Jay's not exactly going to be fighting fit at the moment and the show must go on.....

Although. Superfresh @ The Roundhouse was all about Jay and his dancing. Fond memories if Jay dancing right in front of me. So I reckon this video isn't too far from what Jay would have released. Except it would have been him and not the dancing lady.

This track is all about sound and movement.


"Automaton" as a single was understandable, "Cloud 9" as a single was understandable; "Superfresh" as a single was/is a highly questionable decision, IMO.

Assuming they intend to make one more song a single, I think it should be "Summer Girl". No, it's not my favorite song from 'Automaton' (that would be either "Cloud 9" or "Hot Property"), but IMO it's the only song on 'Automaton' with a structure that doesn't jump everywhere, or have multiple nostalgic homages to past hits. It has remix potential as well.

I like this album (far more) than RDLS, but I wasn't digging "Superfresh" to begin with. The big sin with the video (to my eyes) was that it had no Jamiroquai love put into it. It had 'Automaton' outtakes spliced with the gyrations of an unknown silhouetted woman. Felt hurried; impersonal.

I know that the show must go on, and Jay is currently rehabilitating a nasty back injury (not to mention that the tragedy of Toby's passing has made this comeback album bittersweet for all), but let's not have anymore videos like this one, please. It's not that it's a bad video - it just lacks the personal touch that you know Jay & the band apply to all their videos.

Yeah, it's... Well. There are other bands out there.

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