Jools Holland TV performance and BBC Top Gear reminder

Added on Sunday 23 April 2017, 05:22 (BST)

Jamiroquai will be on the BBC Jools Holland show on Tuesday 25th April.  A 30 minute 'live' broadcast is shown on the Tuesday followed by the full show on Friday 28th.

Don't also forget that Jay appears (and drives) on BBC television show Top Gear which is shown in the UK later this evening (Sunday) and available online after the broadcast.

UPDATE: On the evening of Tuesday 25th April, hours before the live broadcast the BBC announced that Jamiroquai would not be on the show.

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Enjoyed the appearance on Top Gear tonight, would love to know what Sunglasses Jay was wearing ?

Paul, sunglasses look to be Cazal 903 70's

Thank you so very much BlueBottle reading your message has truly made my day!!! Paul

Looking forward to tonight's broadcast, hope we get 2 performances tonight and an additional one Friday.
Myself hoping we get an Automaton single and album track (would love to see Hot Property or Summer Girl) and one of the classics performed too!

Their appearance was cancelled.

Yep cancelled. I'm not sure when it was recorded but I assume it coincided with the sad news of Toby Smith's passing.

Jamiroquai cancelled their performance as it clashed with Toby Smiths funeral. They are apparently being rescheduled to appear later in the series

It will be rescheduled, because Jools Holland absolutely loves Jay Kay. They are like best buds!

Rip toby

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