Automaton enters UK album chart at number 4

Added on Saturday 08 April 2017, 19:24 (BST)

After a great first day of sales Jamiroquai unfortunately slowly edged down the Official UK Albums Chart during the week to end at number 4.  The UK chart is based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl and weighted audio streams.

This beats Rock Dust Light Star (in position, but not sales - please continue reading..), which entered the album chart at number 7 back in November 2010.  All other albums have charted higher in their first week of release.  The chart commentary from writes...

"Jamiroquai's first album in more than six years, Automaton is the highest of nine debuts this week, opening at No.4 (22,277 sales). Their eighth studio album, it fails to match the top three placings of their first six but surpasses the seventh, Rock Dust Light Star.

However, your take on whether it is bigger than its predecessor depends on whether you are ranking by chart position, in which case it is, or first week sales, in which case it isn't, as Rock Dust Light Star's No.7 opening/peak was attended by sales of 34,379 in an extraordinarily competitive week which saw seven debuts in the Top 10.

In fact, Automaton's first week sales are the lowest for a Jamiroquai studio album since 1994, when second album The Return Of The Space Cowboy sold 20,191 copies in debuting at No.2. Their fourth album, Synkronized secured their biggest first week sale of 98,834 copies, becoming the second of their four No.1 albums to date. Despite its brisk start, Synkronized - which features the hits Canned Heat, Supersonic and King For A Day - is far from being their biggest seller, with overall sales of 563,487 to date placing it far behind 1996 predecessor Travelling Without Moving. Their only million seller thus far, Travelling... had first week sales of 65,263 copies, and spent a fortnight at No.2 (behind first REM, then Kula Shaker) but never reached No.1. The only Jamiroquai album to spawn three Top 10 hits - Virtual Insanity, Cosmic Girl and Alright - it had very long legs, and has thus far sold 1,219,197 copies. Its fourth single, High Times, secured a lesser No.20 peak but lent its name to their subsequent compilation High Times: Singles 1992-2006, which reached No.1. It jumps 130-84 (1,303 sales) this week and is their second biggest seller, with to-date sales of 893,324."

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Here are the comments that have been left in relation to this news item. The most recent comment is at the end. I was telling some post ago...numbers don't lie...

Hello to everyone out there. Please don't give Luca the satisfaction of being wound up by his comments, which he is clearly after and this latest remark just proves that. Just ignore and enjoy album, as I am. Yes, they not as popular as they were 20 odd years ago (though in my view they are just as good) - lots of artists far less talented these days get more record sales. So be it.

OK. So maybe this will be their last album.

I would consider number 4 to be a very good position for a 25 yo band that have been silent for 7 years. They certainly need to keep the creative juices flowing though and not take another 7 years!

Record sales don't mean much anymore.Because of illegal downloading and other factors,many albums don't sell massive numbers anymore.It's a big problem here in America,too.Fortunately for Jamiroquai,they are still a popular live act and they are still having successful gigs.

Congrats to Jamiroquai!! 4 in Britain, in their Silver Anniversary year, and after a long-term absence, is a great accomplishment. Not many artists can boast that type of staying power. Also worth noting reports that it was #1 in 38 countries, and doing very well in the United States. The aim was to get as many Top 5 places as possible, and 38 countries isn't bad at all. More, If you count the places it didn't reach #1 - It probably has a higher position overall in Europe, if not the top spot. High Times: The Singles (1992-2006) saw an upturn in sales and chart position, too. The tour tickets sold out in minutes, too, so, they can be pleased. All of that said, none of this means that the quality of their music is any more or less enjoyable. - angeltips

JohnnyM, the lower sales aren't because of illegal downloading (which is wrong) but rather digital distribution such as streaming, YouTube and digital music shops such as Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp. The internet has replaced brick and mortar, except for vinyl shops. The decline in physicals isn't just relegated to music either. From toys to electronics, retailers are being put out of business because of online shops, particularly Amazon.

After the days of patience, today I finally got the CD and Automaton black crew neck from UK. Wearing the jamper, I listened to the whole album and "Shake it on" got the most favorite track for me. So now I imagine Jay would say "People scream but I don't hear, I don't care too much" on this article!

I could love all that the band do because I'm simply a huge fan of them, not a music industry people. I mean that to analyse is just not what I do , but I'm confident in my ability to appreciate good music which has been cultivated by Jamiroquai for 20 years; that says the new album is so cool.

the worst record since many years. The song's level is about the mediocrity of Syncronized or Dynamite. Just a style exercise. None of these songs will remain in mind.

The album is great!!

The thing is: who consumes music nowadays are only young people and obviously they are not interested in bands from the 90s (yes, they are very closed minded with this as opposite to our generation that used to listen to many other gemerations). People from the 90s now are more concerned taking care of their kids.

On the other hand, having a new record out there is a great was to divulgate the band and help them wider their audiences and sell their gigs. Jamiroquai is now very very successful live band, their gigs are sold out and around the globe there is people demanding them.
After so long, there are very few bands from that time and for Jamiroquai to be out there so successfully is a great achievement.

The sales cannot be compared to the albums sold during the 90s . These days, most people are downloading music illegally and this goes for any artists right now. In fact, most artists and record companies today are capitalizing their revenues on you tube now.

Jack... Sorry, I mean, Luca. (Love the pseudonym, very nice.) Still not bored of cluttering this interplanetary good vibe zone with your negativity?

i think it's ok, to be critical, jack/luca obviousely likes jamiroquai and not every "fan" has to like everything, cause it's branded jamiroquai... (although yeah, it's better to be constructive if youre criticising... and supportive...)
//// i'm happy they are back... jays voice is better than ever... i like they are trying something new (and they are not doing this kind of one-song-for-everybody- kind of thing (1 ballad, 1 disco song, 1 funk .....) (i think they could have gone even further with this attemt / more crazy / more electronic / more dedicated)
// having said that i hope, they do many more albums and that i like the next one more....
(i think, they picked the right singles this time, + automaton video was great, missed their videos...
i do think though, they could have pushed the sales a little by putting out singles with b-sides & remixes... and doing more viral stuff...)

/// & i don't care about charts that much, it's telling nothing about the quality, more about good advertising.... although of cause i wish them more success

@Michael: it says right there in the article that downloads and audio streams are factored in.

In at number 7 on the Australian albums chart

Angeltips, well said. The quality of music or anything for that matter should never be judged by sales. I've never understood why people focus on sales, especially if it's not putting food on your table. For a band that's been around as long as jamiroquai, top 4 is an achievement. Well done, long live jamiroquai!!!

As already mentioned entering at #4 is a great achievement for the band with 25 years behind them and 7 years without a release! I'm really enjoying the album and sure many other Jamiroquai fans are too. Looking forward to seeing the gang live again!

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