Cloud 9 Tough Love remix coming soon

Added on Tuesday 14 March 2017, 07:02 (GMT)

This coming Friday (17 March) will see the Jamiroquai give us another remix of Cloud 9 - this time the 'Tough Love Remix'.  This was announced on the various Jamiroquai social media channels.

UPDATE: The 'Tough Love Don't Be A Fool Dub' can be heard at approximately one hour into this mix at Thanks to mike in the comments for the link.

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Yet another remix? At what number is too many? I don't hear too much radio play of the original, despite whatever play list it's on. I blame Ed Sheeran.

i hope its better than this one...down below..tough love dub. jump ahead to 1 hour in

Thanks for the link mike. Most appreciated.

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