Back in the studio and a little update on things

Added on Friday 06 February 2015, 14:08 (GMT)

Well after what seems like an eternity it seems as if Jay has recently decided to get the band back in the studio to do some work together again.  Over recent days both Matt Johnson and Paul Turner have commented online that they've been working with Jay again.  Let's hope that something positive comes from this over the coming weeks and months.

In other news I'd love to give a little catchup on some of what the band-members have been up to recently.  Paul and Rob (Harris) have been working on a project called TRIONIQ and recently released an EP via iTunes.  

It's good stuff and well worth having a listen to.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but the band that Paul, Rob and Derrick formed called Shuffler is no more.  They now have a new project called Groovesonix.  Described as "A band that can rock and funk while blending classic favourites, forgotten gems and current chart hits into a flowing set of tight grooves, and unique danceable mixes."  Check out their videos on YouTube including a 30 minute live set that they performed on new years eve.

Paul and Rob have also been doing many more musical 'masterclasses' under a new name - Boom n Twang - learn more about them out on Facebook.

Calming things down a little here's a lovely live session video of a track that Rob wrote with an artist called Mim Grey. 

Matt has been busy including working with Laura Doggett and has been co-writing and producing music for her.  Here's her latest single over at YouTube.

Matt also posted a photo on facebook a few days ago of him at Angelic Studios - this is the recording studio owned by long long time Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith.  From what I've seen Toby has been keeping himself busy in his spare time riding horses in the English countryside!  Yes, that's true.

I've certainly missed some of what the bandmembers have been doing in the little update above but it's great that Paul and Rob and Matt are sharing all these things on social media for us.  For many readers here the news about the band working with Jay is great.

Finally (and nothing directly to do with the band), a UK comedian recently applied to be on the UK television show 'The Apprentice' and had the idea of a 'Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity Theme Park' for his application (be sure to look at the picture closely).  Well, the TV producers invited him in for an audition!  Have a look at his theme park design over at twitter and a little background to it all at the BBC website.

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These are some great great news !! :D

And Nick Van Gelder have a new CD Loveland out right now with singer Sulene Fleming.

Nice to hear the band is working together again, wish we had good news this year!!

Good to hear from you David and get caught up! The beat goes on...

Is that the biggest gap between updates on this site ?!? At last some news!

Can't wait to hear Jays new stuff. Just love him.

Great to hear some news about the band and band members, been a long time!

Hi David,

First of love, thank you very much to be still there and keeping faith ! Thank you for the news !
I hope we'll soon discuss on this site !


yesss! fingers crossed! thanks for summing it all up! the band members are doing great work! :)

Fingers crossed. Hoping it will be more of a soulful album than RDLS actually was. Until then Van Gelder/Fleming are giving me the new grooves I so desperately need.

Can't wait! Thank you David!

Thanks David, nice to read your words again through the years. The thing we must know and accept is that Jay isn't in the game anymore. He gave all his energy and talent to music industry, but now he's fed up with. He already said this when AFO was released. And when RDLS came out, it was clear the next issue will take a long time to be made. The longest time in band history. Because he just wanna live a ''normal'' life now. Far from pressure and difficulties of creation. You deserve it, man.

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