1992 Jamiroquai gig video on YouTube

Added on Saturday 07 June 2014, 05:51 (UTC)

Here's an real treat for fans of the band looking for early recordings - a video of over half an hour from a gig 1992 (yes, 22 years ago!) has been uploaded onto YouTube.  The gig was recorded at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town, London and shows some very recordings of songs we know (Too Young To Die, When You Gonna Learn) and some we don't know.

The video was originally uploaded with some audio sync issues but has been fixed by Zsolt Harvath.  Here's the video description from YouTube...

This has to be the earliest video recording of Jamiroquai with Simon Bartholomew on guitar, Nick Tydeman on bass and PJ Harvey on percussions, before Gavin Dodds, Stu Zender and Maurizio Ravallico would have joined, Nick Van Gelder, Toby Smith and Wallis are already on board. Setlist:

1. Sunshine2. Togetherland3. Too Young To Die4. Jazz Carnival (Azymuth cover)5. When You Gonna Learn

Once again, here's the link to Jamiroquai in concert at the Jazz Cafe in 1992.

Credit: Brent Armstrong

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