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Added on Wednesday 05 February 2014, 14:22 (GMT)

OK, things are quiet in the world of Jamiroquai (well, at least they seem to be!).  The band performed quite a few gigs in 2013 but there were no albums, no 'proper' tours etc. so there wasn't much in the news.

For those wondering, this site is still here and I'm trying to focus more on news which is more directly relevant to Jamiroquai rather than the band members other projects (you do know about Shuffler though right?).

Anyway, while things seem to be quiet in the world of Jamiroquai here's a link to a video that was doing the rounds a few days ago.  It's a parody of the Virtual Insanity video without any music.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and keep on funkin'

Credit: Rachel VanDemmeltraadt

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It does seem like they are working on something... and they're working on it very hard...
Fingers crossed we'll have a new album by the end of the year...

That's cool that you're still here David !
Long life to Jamiroquai, Funkin and Jamirotalk !

Thanks for the update! Its comforting to know that this site still is going strong. Cheers! least SOMETHING is going down! Thanks for the Shuffler link David!

Love to hear an update now and again--thanks so much! I of course hope that the band is cooking up some great things, but I also understand that after 22 years or so the breaks will get longer--they do deserve it after all...

We are all still around somewhere!!
Big shout out to the Jamily and the fans around the world..!!

Fingers crossed for another tour ( and a new album) sometimes in the near future!

I remember Jay sayin' there won't be another long gap between two albums. It was in 2010. We're in 2014. In my opinion, there will be no record this year. Or at least, some tracks recorded but not published from RDLS area.

Jamiroquai is working on a new album.I hope we actually get it before the year is over.I need some new Jamiroquai music!!

I hope we get a new album this year. Having said that, have they got a record company? Mercury didn't seem to do a fat lot, and they certainly won't be going back to Sony...

There is a little confirmation from Paul Turner that Jamiroquai is in the early stages of recording their 9th album, along with the release of the Shuffler album, here's a recent tweet from Paul:

@timlefebvre Yep we'll be writing/recording w Jamiroquai next few months. Also have @Shufflermusic album March release.
18 Jan 2014

So hang in there Jamily, new material is forthcoming! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

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