Oh now there is no sound...

Added on Wednesday 05 February 2014, 14:22 (UTC)

OK, things are quiet in the world of Jamiroquai (well, at least they seem to be!).  The band performed quite a few gigs in 2013 but there were no albums, no 'proper' tours etc. so there wasn't much in the news.

For those wondering, this site is still here and I'm trying to focus more on news which is more directly relevant to Jamiroquai rather than the band members other projects (you do know about Shuffler though right?).

Anyway, while things seem to be quiet in the world of Jamiroquai here's a link to a video that was doing the rounds a few days ago.  It's a parody of the Virtual Insanity video without any music.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and keep on funkin'

Credit: Rachel VanDemmeltraadt

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