Jamiroquai announced for Jisan World Rock Festival 2013

Added on Friday 05 April 2013, 18:34 (BST)

Jamiroquai have been announced as performing at the Jisan World Rock Festival 2013 being held in South Korea between 2 and 4 August 2013.  I don't yet know the exact date of the bands performance but I'm sure this will be confirmed soon.

The festival has an official website at

Credit: Bert

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YEAH!! Finally, Jamiroquai in Korean Festival ~!!

Can't wait

Hi everyone. My name is Craig Francis. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, piano player for Carousel Circus and a huge fan of Jamiroquai's music. Upon turning 30 last week, I reflected on what a huge influence Jamiroquai's music has been to me. They're the first group I seriously followed in my teens and as I grew older they had an impact on my taste and playing style.

20 funky years have flown by and I wanted to create something special for this remix project. So, rather than 'synthesise another strain' in a lazy DJ remix, I've aimed to fuse together some of the band's best tracks with the stems of Too Young To Die and my own composition, inspired by Jamiroquai's sound it's self.

Hopefully I've done them justice but also arranged a tune thats special in its own right too. Please give it a listen (it nearly took me 20 years to complete) and tell me what you think... how many references can you spot?

I just hope they aren't playing Friday night. I don't get off work until 9 and I'm down in Gumi. I saw them last year in Seoul. Maybe they will bounce through there again.

Quit your job then! it's Jquai!

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