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Added on Friday 08 March 2013, 17:51 (GMT)

On Monday 11 March Sony Music re-release the first three albums by Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth, The Return Of The Space Cowboy and Travelling Without Moving.  Each album has been remastered and includes a second CD filled with rare and live tracks.

All three albums are beautifully packaged in gatefold sleeves and each includes a fantastic full colour booklet with information about the albums written by Jay Kay.  There's some great information about how the albums were recorded, how Toby and Derrick got involved, how Toby was the inspiration for Mr Moon and other little bits of really interesting information.

"...But they [the record company] just looked at us and asked if we had anything else. In the end Toby and I relented and said that we did have one other track that we'd demoed but hadn't recorded. I put the tape in, pressed play. The piano starts up, then the vocals come in: And it's a wonder man can eat at all..."

The albums are available to order via the usual channels and here's links to the relevant pages at

  • Emergency On Planet Earth
  • The Return Of The Space Cowboy
  • Travelling Without Moving

The Australian release date is listed as 15 March (at least on and the albums are also listed for US release on 19 March (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.). I don't know if these are just 'imports' of the UK release or a domestic releases.

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If you're in the UK you can get all three of these albums cheaper at £8.99 each at Sainsbury's online which saves over six quid if you're getting all three compared to Amazon.

Bargain! Thanks for sharing the link.

O Álbum "Emergency On Planet Earth" lançado na década de 90, coincidiu com a "Rio 92"!Jamiroquai,falava de sustentabilidade (consciência ambiental).Excelente esse álbum!!!!Jay Key canta lindamente, a parte instrumental, som incrível, metais,teclado, percussão,contrabaixo, demais!!!!.Idem para "The Return...", "Travelling...".20 anos...Comemoração em grande estilo, os fãs agradece!! Adorei esse Site!!

Received my 3 CD's through yesterday, some amazing stories from Jay in the sleeve inserts, he was in a bad place for the ROTSC recording but came through it stronger. Just read only one UK show premised for this year, day before I leave Aberdeen, Scotland to go on vacation to Portugal - gutted!

The sleeve note for 'Return Of The Space Cowboy' are quite amazing and it is the first time I have seen Jay talk about this album in so much detail as he talks about the tracks, what they meant and where he was in life.

ROTSC remains my favourite Jamiroquai album of all time and what I have just read has oddly given me a buzz and I am putting it on right now.

I just ordered my copies :) Can't wait for them to arrive.

Australia got its re-released of the first 3 albums on 15th March. There's a few mistakes that Sony did. I know at the end of the day that this is Sony decision to release them, not JK & the band.

Well, packaging is nothing like what the pictures are shown on Amazon etc, just on plain CD cases. Will tell you the small mistakes for each album reissue.

Emergency: most people would've already heard or have a copy of MAW's London Rican remix of Emergency. Good remix, don't get me wrong because MAW are awesome but Sony should've added the Danny Tenaglia remix instead, not many people have that. Needed more demos such as Friends. Other than that, I give it a 9 out of 10 for Emergency reissue.

Return: all lyrics including Scam are printed & corrected too, especially Just Another Story but no band photos, just a few JK photos dancing around throughout the lyrics pages. Sony really didn't need to add the David Morales remix of Space Cowboy. Once again, good remix but everybody has that in their music collection. Sony really stuffed up, by re-adding Stillness In Time. Printed as Stillness In Time (Edit), it's exactly the same as the album version (4:16), that's not an edit. So, whoever is buying this album would end up with 2 copies of Stillness (that sucks). They should've added the vinyl version. Needed more demos & live recordings. Finally, the album got remastered, which is good. I give it a 7 out of 10 for Return reissue.

Travelling: I don't think Travelling really needed remastering but still sounds good though. Funktion is on there but once again, not printed on tracklisting & is only mentioned on production credits, again. No lyrics for Funktion or who wrote the track. Slipin N Slidin has lyrics printed but it's an instrumental B-side track. What? It doesn't make sense, but it's on there anyway. Credits for Slipin were printed that it's written by Kay & McKenzie. Wasn't that written by Kay & Smith? The Full Horns mix of Do You Where You're Coming From on here, not the original but lyrics for original are printed on there. Live recording of Hollywood Swinging but printed as Hollywood Swinging (people would think it's an official recording) & lyrics printed too. Noticed on credits for most tracks, Katz, Buchanan, Akingbola & Zender are printed. Don't know if it's a mistake or maybe that they weren't credited properly. Who knows. Adding live tracks from 2002 Verona concert, Sony needed to add live tracks from the Travelling era, not from Funk Odyssey era. I give it a 6 out of 10 for Travelling reissue.

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