South American venue changes

Added on Friday 15 February 2013, 23:11 (GMT)

A couple of days ago announced that Sunday's concert in Santiago (Chile) had been moved to the Movistar Arena (rather than Bicentenario Stadium).

In addition to this, Friday nights concert (15 Feb) in Buenos Aires has been moved from Club Hipico to Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium after too many tickets were sold!

From reading some of the messages from the bandmembers posted on Twitter over the past few days it seems like the band have been having a great time.

Credit: Sam Kelly

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No complains, ONLY A REQUEST FOR THE CONCERT OF MEXICO. AM A FAN AND THE FIRST TIME YOU VISITED MEXICO could not go to see them, he was still very young and my parents would not let me. I WOULD LIKE TO GO ON THIS OCCASION, I know the tickets are not expensive, but I can not pay even though music is my passion and you one of my favorite bands, FOR NOW MY FINANCIAL STATUS ALLOWS ME NOT ATTEND. Sadly, WILL KNOW THAT IN MEXICO IS EXCITING, I hear every day from more than 15 years and are part of me. WANT TO SEE YOU LIVE, BUT THIS TIME NOT BE POSSIBLE. Just please, promise BACK AND THIS TIME THAN THAT IN A LONG TIME. I LOVE YOUR MUSIC I LOVE JAY Z, I LOVE JAMIROQUAI

Jay Z. Interesting. hahaha

Seven days in sunny june to good a song to be left out of any setlist... Specially in Monterrey Mexico...

You trollin' Tania!?


Make a couple of moves girl! get money!

Seven Days in Sunny June...You Give Me Something..Those would be great for me,I have my tickets for Arena Monterrey,México :)

I don't get it, a lot of it?
I didn't understand the whole U.S. release of RDLS. Why release it almost 2 years later and then do NOTHING to support its release?
Why avoid U.S. tours and/or shows?
How can you be talking about a new album when you have avoided a major tour location (U.S.) on your current album. I believe they played 11 U.S. shows behind Dynamite and all were sold out. I know my Chicago show was. It's a money maker for them. They have no elaborate stage show (thank JAH), it's just travel, basic band set up and sold out shows.

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