Mexican tour date announced for 1 March

Added on Saturday 19 January 2013, 13:01 (GMT) have confirmed that the band will be performing on 1 March at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Tickets can be purchased from TicketMaster Mexico.

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Great! Another concert for Mexico.


A little closer to the great US of A!

3 gigs in Mexico! Oh hell yes!!! Already got my ticket for all the 3 shows...

Congrats to all my mexican brothers & sisters on these sure to be awesome Jami gigs, hope that all who attend have a funky awesome time. BTW, I saw a promo commerical for this show on Youtube, check it out at the following link:


You are going to the three of them jorge? Thats the spirit!
So glad to see there are going to be three diferent venues!

Sí, tengo boleto para los 3, lo único es que me den chance en mi trabajo, ese es el problema ahora... A ver cómo le hago...

Can someone tell me what the prices are like in US Dollars for the Mexico concerts, like in Monterrey?

In Monterrey goes from USD42 to USD130.
In Mexico City from USD37 to USD128.
In Guadalajara from USD32 to USD192...

Speaking of US, has anyone heard any whisperings of tour expanding to N. America?

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