Christmas Greetings from Paul Turner

Added on Monday 24 December 2012, 16:17 (GMT)

Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner often sends a Christmas message to the fans and this year is no exception.  Today I received an email with a photo of a blue sea and a sandy beach.  Clearly he's not in London!  Paul is currently with the family in Australia and wanted me to pass on the following message:

Hi guys, whatever it is you celebrate I wish you Seasons Greetings and love & best wishes for 2013. I'm down in Oz and really looking forward to a busier year with the band. I hope to see you in 2013 X Paul

Hope to see you in 2013.


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A very Merry Christmas Paul, and of course to the entire band too.
See you in 2013!
Peace, Zed.

merry christmas and happy new years to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 Paul! Thanks again for the good times and great music! See you in the new year!

Hi Paul, we miss you guys so much. Your music is like water to anemones...we're wilting without the funk.

All the best wishes for 2013 Paul. We need some funky basslines in our lives :).

awww! Thanks Paul for thinking of us..lucky you spending winter in Australia!
best wishes and hope to see you in 2013 !

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