New jamiroquai album and website in the planning...

Added on Monday 10 December 2012, 12:02 (GMT) have posted the following message from Jay:

Hi Everyone Jay here,

I just wanted to let you all know it’s been twenty years since the first release – where did it all go! Anyway your support has been amazing and I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your letters, sites and all the other things you have done to keep the whole thing going – it’s really flattered and inspired me.

I’m 43 at the end of this year so the energy levels aren’t quite the same as they used to be – but I’ve got some good news – a new album is about to be started as is a brand new web site to be set up. I also wanted to let you know that over the years I have collected a huge amount of personal photos and footage which I want to share with you on a much more regular basis, (there’s a ridiculous amount of stuff to trawl through!).

So this is to let you know we are still here and still going and here are a few snippets you may like.

I send you all my love and hope to see you soon out there somewhere.


In addition to the message they've put some cool photos online which you can view via the link in the news item at

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Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Happy birthday and good luck with new album! :D

thank you cheers

Aweseomeeeeeeee! :) Jamiroquai for the win :)

Nice one Jay, been a fan from the start. Can't wait for some new music. Merry Christmas, birthday and Happy New Year.

Great news! We're looking forward to see you next Febreary in Buenos Aires :)

Lindo jaycitoooooooooooo

Photo '4226' looks straight outta' the movie 'for a few dollars more'... wicked!
Thanks for the 20 years Jay, and looking forward to the next 20! See you in Mexico!
New album is gonna' blow the roof again!

Great! So, RDLS release wityh zero US shows. Hmmmm. Why? Why?

This is such great news!!! Jay Kay really cares about his fans, I really respect him for taking the time to write us this message. I can't wait to see the new website and most of all, I can't wait to hear the new album!!!!!!!!! :D

Great news ! Thank you for the news ! Give us a gorgeous Funky soul Jazz album !

Very good news, I would love to hear something like jazz with the old yidaki...
JAY: Do not worry about not having the same old energies, in Mexico you'll recharge all the bateries...

may doomsday come. i will die happy :-p

best news in years. and even better..straight from jay

Such fantastic news--truly brightened my Monday! Jay you probably won't see the comments but if you ever do thanks so much for the past 20 years, to you and the band, what an incredible run and some more great stuff to come I'm sure

Looking forward to it Jay, and crew
Keep up the good work! Not forgetting.. happy birthday!

Great news. We are waiting!!!

Great. More auto-tune rubbish for the masses so that he can fly his helicopter and buy a new Ferrari. Jamiroquai is over.

@HHH. If Jamiroquai is over, why are you here ? What's the point ? Let us enjoy the news !

Please please please come to San Francisco! I saw you here in 2005 at the Fillmore and it was one of the greatest shows I have ever experienced!

@HHH: Autotune, really? Sorry if Jay doesn't sell out has hard as you wish he would, but if that's all you hear, then you need to get your hearing checked.

Troll harder next time.

WOOOOOOAH! :D I hope we get some early un-released tracks with this collection!

Yeeaahh!! Some good very good news for the end of the year, I can't wait!!! ;D

I'm an Alltime fan !! Yes! once again a new album in the making ! Can't wait !! Also , pleeeeaaaaaase issue extended mix-versions of your great songs , they are awesome !!

20 brilliant years, speaking as a fan since 1995 (when I was 8) it's been a fantastic journey so far and long may it continue! April 2011 I finally got to see my idols and they did not disappoint at LG Arena Birmingham.

It's great news that a new album and new material is on it's way!

Merry Christmas Jay, the band, and all the party people out there :)

I love you guys! Thanks for the 20 years of great music and good times.

fantastic!! can't wait for new material.....

lovely message

its good to know what jamiroquai has coming up for 2013...probably bigger and different than RDLS

Take care of u Jay... And do the best you can with the guys for the next album. A REAL Jamiroquai album, I hope...

The albums have always been REAL, and I'm afraid that you'll have to accept, that musical style evolves, not just from one album to the next, but over a twenty year period...
Cars change, telephones change, people change, and that's pretty much a celebration of growth, reinvention, and evolution.
I'd love to be stuck in the 70's all my life, where I was born, but all that musical difference that took place after would have never exsisted.
Jay will have his voice, the band will be ultra tight, and we'll all be taken to Jamiroquai's next level. Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride, or unbuckle, and get out of the car, and take a different musical journey...
Peace, Zed.

As for me, Dynamite was not real. It was their worst album, without soul and feelings, totally made by a computer. RDLS was pretty good, indeed, but they can do definitely better. I would like to hear some stuff like Smile, Fast Persuader, All Good, not like Blue Skies. Robbie Williams can do this, not them. And I don't want to listen EOPE or ROTSC again. Only the real Jamiroquai, with strong lyrics, horns everywhere and soul/Jazz/Funk feelings. That's the sound I Want...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time to welcome the annual pre album jamiroquai debate once again.

yeaaaah fantastic news..
hey zed!!! have a happy funky Xmas :)))

You too Sandriche!!!!! Great to hear from you and hope all is well!


Please Jay- come to U.S.! Have been a fan since u started. Thrilled about new album. Hope u get back to your roots-have missed the fusion of jazz, soul and funk from the early days.No words to describe how it made me feel inside & still does 2 this day!One can still evolve over time without losing what made your music so special and unique in the beginning.Here's hoping you make an album for your die-hard fans who have stuck with you all this time! Happy birthday! Have fun!

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