Listen to Natural Energy - the first ever JK/Jamiroquai track?

Added on Monday 17 October 2011, 16:20 (BST)

Natural Energy is the name of a track by Jay Kay (before even the days of When You Gonna Learn on the Acid Jazz label) which was never released but understood to have been pressed a very limited number of times on the 'World Dance Records' record label.

Well, the track has recently been played on the Street Sounds show - a show broadcast on Solar Radio in the UK.  To listen to the track head over to the Street Sounds website, click on the Street Sounds Show banner and listen to part 1 of the show from 14.10.11 at approximately 24 minutes 10 seconds in (direct MP3 link).

Credit: Carly Sayell

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The big thing that jumps out is how minimal the production is...He's certainly come a long way since this track! I like it though.

Man that is one funky track. Cheeba!

Amazing Track.

Young Jamiroquai do it again! Best Band Ever!


Jay Kay does it again!

Such a legend at a young age!!


Jay had alot of soul as a youngster. Great to hear this formative music!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! on repeat on repeat!! love it !!!!

Now I even more appreciate what they put together for the first album, it was a long way to get there from this track... Not a bad one but far from the EOPE standard (though I understand it's a low or non-produced track).

I understand this song is from some time before Morgans World Dance Record Label owner kills himself LOL!

Awsome track! Better than 90% of stuff nowadays.......the young jay kay voice is amazing.

Smoke cheeba, cheeba, cheeba.

Haha it seems that even a sample of Jay coughing on the 90's is better than the actual stuff! :D hahah!!!!! So lovely to hear this song! Hope there is still a lot more to come!

Even if it's not in no way connected to when J met Nick/Toby and the early formation of Jamiroquai, this is an important glimpse to 'young B-Boy JK'. His vocals, sounding a 'bit lighter' compared to the 1992 Jamiroquai Nomi Rehearsal Demos/First 'Acid Jazz Records' When You Gonna Learn? Demo From Gillies Peterson Show 1992, were ever as powerful as they would develop later on, and it's quite refreshing to a 'harmonica' on this track. As a friend pointed out to me about this track, this 'track' is a 'total different JK' that most of the Jamily is accustomed to, and still it works...even though it's just some innocent 'hip hop adlibbing tomfoolery' at his local record store. Massive thanks to David Rowe, as impeccably always, for finding this gem....all we need now is 'Midnight Funk' & all of 'Symphonized' (Synkronized Demos) from Stuart Zender and the Jamily will be in cloud 9 heaven! Cheers! Sincerely, ~JamiroFan2000~

I see were Jay wanted to get with this track, unfortunately the lack of means he would have by that time prevented it to be a golden track. It needs a quality bass line and better keyboard arrangements, but it still is a good track for someone solo with poor recording machinery.

On youtube, courtesy of Falco.

We are The Kids.

Here's a little more about the track from an interview with Jay that was on BBC Radio a few years ago...

Thanks to Andrew Moulton for uploading the clip.

Wow, cool clip, thanks guys!

Ah so thats how Street Sounds have it, thanks for sharing that David and Andrew.

So yes, Jay is Jamiroquai

Lovely.apparently pre-"Ifilikeitidoit "tune,isntit.

A great track thanks for sharing! The vocals are strong enough on their own without any instrumentation, really soulful, beautiful thanks. Jay is a very talented musician!

Its interesting to hear the origins and development of the "sound". Wonder if this could be added as a bonus track to any future album releases,just thinking aloud? (Who owns the copyright/publishing rights? would it be a problem?)

..another vynil to find.. lol

WOW. Good luck finding the vinyl!!! Jay Kay is ON IT.

Just when you think you've heard it all.. Great song, high times, good vibes.


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