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Added on Tuesday 06 September 2011, 08:58 (BST)

After a gap of around a month during August the band are back on the road for a few gigs.  After performing in Istanbul, Turkey on Monday night (which confused me as the wrong date was originally announced) the band now head to Italy for the F1 Rocks event on Friday.  A gig in Brazil at the end of the month and then Germany, France and Belgium later in November.

Here's hoping that the injury problems that Jay's had are behind him and that the forthcoming gigs all go ahead as planned.

Finally, here's the set list from Monday's concert in Istanbul as sent to me by a fan...

  • Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Morning Glory (Intro), Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Use The Force (Interlude), Travelling Without Moving, Scam (Break), Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
Credit: Cansin Yurdakan

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Salute ! Success !

Super set list!

It means, no Mexico this year....

Hi, is any one going to Monza, I will be there and have a ticket for the after party in Milan. whoopee, I was offered it, but don't quite know what to expect. It will be veery interesting ! love to all Pauline ( or Pippa is my nickname ).

It is kinnda messed up not for them to step in mexico, que no jorge? we better go to brazil!

Saw Jay in one of the F1 garages on TV :)

...pity the boys are playing in Singapore :(

To be honest, Jorge & Marco, I think people are a bit scared of Mexico right now. No offense.

Well to be honest Catalyste, after living six years here in Mexico City they needn't be. It's a vibrant manic city just like any other around the world. If you want to visit Ciudad Juarez right on the border you'd have every right in the world to be scared. Mexico City is fantastic, and as a British citizen, no offense taken.

Well let's just hope Mexico City doesn't bring surprises like Acapulco did. I live on the US/Mexico border, so I'm aware that it's not just border cities, but could also seep into popular tourist areas. So I'm just wishing that if the band were to go to Mexico, that they go to a bonafide safe place. That's all I wish.

Actually I don't think our situation as a country is the problem, we are going to have Portishead, Strokes, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Morrisey and many more great bands as always, in the next few weeks.
Thank you for your positives comments about Mexico City, is wonderful...
PD Jamiroquai came a year ago to bring a press conference by the way...

They also came to the Auditorio Nacional in 2006 where I had a great conversation with Sola, on the stage, after the show.
P.S. Happy Birthday Mexico!

Feliz cumpleaños México!!!

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