German concert cancellations this week!

Added on Tuesday 12 July 2011, 17:01 (BST)

The current bad luck when it comes to Jamiroquai concerts seems to be continuing.  It has been announced (at least on some websites - jazzanderdonau, that the concerts on Wednesday and Thursday in Germany of this week (13th and 14th) have been cancelled.

Keep checking, their bands facebook page and (if I'm quick to update!) here at for any updates...

15 July Update: According to the Jamiroquai facebook page the forthcoming gigs are all on. They wrote... "Good news - all future gigs are definitely ON! Apologies again to all fans who were disappointed this week, but the days rest were vital. Now we can get the show back on the road!"

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hmm, not happy :-(

wonder if it will be rescheduled?

Newspapers are reporting that Jay has a "Leistenbruch", which is German for hernia :(

Jay care you, all we are waiting for you in Spain!!!!

:O an hernia!!! :S do u know if he needs an surgery o something like that?? hope he is ok soon... :S
what else did the newspaper say?

Take care Jay and the guys! Health comes first!

Rest, eat well, take the multivitamins (ESPECIALLY THIAMIN B1 Jay! ;))be guided by your GP.

Keep smiling

I would still go to the concerts even if jay uses a cane!
Jay cane!

I would like to hear official word on what's going on. Sure there's speculation from German papers that Jay has a hernia, but I'd like for his team to make an announcement, people are already worried so there's no point in trying to keep it a secret.

German people should be so lucky. At least Jamiroquai goes there every year for the Summer season. There are still some countries they've never visit or rarely go to. So at least feel grateful for that if nothing else.

If this is about Jay, I hope he takes some real time off to have a full recovery. Hernia's are known to be caused by stress, so I believe it's time for Jay to take a real vacation and go somewhere quiet, peaceful, and low key. The real fans will understand. Get well soon and take it easy.

Take care Jay, take your time to rest if it's what they say it is.

Buffalo Cloud:)

Arrived in Rome last night, fantastico! Be warned though as there is a public transport strike on so taxi from city centre to the gig tonight. See you there folks, looking forward to it tremendously.

@Baz Moir, have fun! Wish I was you!

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