New Beverley Knight album covers When You Gonna Learn

Added on Saturday 02 July 2011, 14:57 (BST)

Singer Beverley Knight - who performed with Jamiroquai during the 'A Funk Odyssey' era releases a new album on Monday 4 July called Soul UK.  The album contains 13 versions of classic UK tracks by artists including Jamiroquai, Soul II Soul, Omar and more.

Beverley performs Jamiroquai's When You Gonna Learn on the album and to watch a video of her performing the track please see the video on YouTube.

This is what Beverley has to say about the song...

"I remember hunting this record down while I was doing my degree and on finding it, I was shocked to find it was not a rare groove, or from the States but new and British. The lyrics were so far ahead of their time, and Jay's words still ring true today. This was their first single, it gave them acclaim and set them on the path to global success."

More information about Beverley and Soul UK can be found at her official website.

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Only Pro's can sing this song correctly... and She is a Pro'.

Great cover! I like the new beat she put on the verse.

me likey :) thanks for sharing the news :)

Completely Amazing!!
She brings her soul into this cover, and the result is heavenly. So deep.
Thanks for sharing!

Just bought it, superb from the soul sister of the band.

Yep, I just got it too.

Great artist. Don't like this version though.

Agree with Alf. She's a great talent, but this hurts the original. It's too slow for such a funky song. In essence, you can't improve or even get close to original, vintage Jamiroquai.

Not even Jamiroquai can get close to vintage Jamiroquai! Lovely feel though.

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