Bulgaria and Turkey concerts cancelled

Added on Friday 24 June 2011, 17:38 (BST)

Jamiroquai have been forced to cancel the concerts being held in Bulgaria (24th) and Turkey (26th) because Jay has severly sprained his right ankle.  The next concert scheduled is 2nd July in Romania.

To see the damage to Jays ankle please visit

Credit: Peter Dell

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Owwwwch! nasty! keep it propped up Jay, let the fluid drain,support with a bandage if doc says ok... rest plenty! eat well!take care...

Right will stop nagging now!

Take care! get well soon!

Yeahhhh, that doesn't look too good :/

Best recovering Jay
Take care of you

Oohh I'm sorry for you it hurts a lot & it needs a lot of rest to get better! Good health first without it we can't do anything! Shows after... Take care ;)

I hope he's recovering nicely. I'm sure he is. But a sprain like that is going to hurt for longer considering how swollen and dark the injury was.

For Jay, keep pressure off it, and try doing some rotations after the swelling has gone down some. Also warm baths may help as well as gentle massages around the ankle area.

Get well soon!

Getting too old Jay! I did this once, it does take a good couple of weeks to get better, you got 5 weeks till barca, thank god. Feel sorry for the fans here tho.

That was bad experience for all your fans in Bulgaria and I'm not sure that you can get well so soon to be in Romania in 2nd of JULY.

I hope he doesn't take a bunch of pain killers and tries to perform. That would only make the injury worse. There's no way you can totally heal in a weak. Hope he's smart about it.

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