Jamiroquai concert 'rider' details revealed...

Added on Friday 17 June 2011, 15:16 (BST)

From what I've seen at concerts in the past Jamiroquai don't look to have unreasonable requests for food/refreshments and this is (sort of) confirmed in an story at the Serbian website

Along with a crew of 26 people on-stage the band request "top quality French wine, champagne, as well as French beer Kronenbourg."

More details of the bands requests can be found at the website.

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I'm quite disappointed actually...No kittens and bunnies, exuberant flower bouqets, no one color m&m's only? Just kidding! Just good wine, beer champagne & caviar. Classy!

Ok, fair enough, but come on. Does anyone else get the impression that this is just a tad made up? lol.

I guess they're just a little obsessed with the rider thing

I'm curious now. Which wine?
A Château from Bordeaux? Hihihi...

I remember reading a similar story on a Ukrainian website. It mentioned a similar set of alcohol drinks, but also black caviar.

Most bands can request anything they wish but must also pay for those things. Bob Marley had herb in all of his riders.

Fascinating the world of show business.

Some years ago while acting in Portugal, Jay announced that he wanted an helicopter and top wine in the backstage.
He came to the concert by helicopter, for around 100 km of distance from the aeroport.

Nothing new... coming from him

If the caviar part is true then I am immensely disappointed...

Look guys..........Jay's a multi-millionaire. If he wants some 2005 Lafite Rothschild in the back after his shows then he can have it! It's just a great band celebrating after playing a great concert. Nothing concerning about it.

Its personal choice, but a large mug of strong tea and my feet up would the cash for more serious purchases.. like the delightful listing on ebay recently (as above).. it makes me giggle!!

take care!

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