Jamiroquai to release new track for free next week

Added on Thursday 02 June 2011, 15:19 (BST) have announced that they will be giving away a new track entitled 'Smile' next week (6 June) at, Facebook and on

The track doesn't have any artwork and the band are asking fans to design it for them.  More information can be found at

Credit: Peter Dell

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Awesome news, hope they pick something good for the artwork. Get to it Jamily.

Yay, sounds great! Spread the word!

Hooray! This is what we need more of, spontaneous news and surprises. Lets us fans know they care about us as much as we care about them. I hope the track makes me smile :D...

wow wow wow.
What a great gesture from the band. Im "smile" ing already and i havnt heard the track yet.
Cant wait to see the fan based artwork.

Im sure there's a wealth of artistic and creative talent out there. It would be amazing to see everyones interpretation on the music! Everyone bouncing creative ideas off each other..fabulous! The interaction of art and music..first class!

I know one of the old tracks, Morning glory, helps me calm down when I start work with the acrylic paints and canvas, getting into flow as psychologist Cziksentmihalyi would say.

Keep up the good work guys!

What great news! I can remember buying FJLIS on the 6th June 6 years ago so a free track sounds brill, a nice gesture from the band. Can't wait to hear it and to see the successful artwork! :-)

i've added my own art to the challenge¡¡¡
i feel great, a unreleased track, from wich era will be???


Well, I don't think there's a song from the $$$ony era! Because I really don't believe they're releasing stuff for free! There's probably a song from the "Rock Dust Light Star" recording sessions! They said they recorded like 20 tracks or something like that!

But who knows, maybe i'm wrong! i'd like that song to be from "Symphonized"! that would be awesome!

Can't wait to hear it, I love these little bonuses of unreleased material, nice of the band to release this.

Great news, but can somebody tell me if they ever plan to release the whole album in North America?I'm from New York and from here it feels like the band has given up on the US.There's no promotion here whatsoever.

In reply to above
Totally agree

What an awesome surprise! Can't wait to hear it!

As for promotion in the US; I saw very little where I live too (Perth, Australia). I've also heard a few comments from other people in the last few months like "Oh you like Jamiroquai, yeah, I like them, they're cool but they haven't released anything for years!". I tell them about RDLS and they've never heard of it!

Can't wait to hear a track so good it wasn't included in the album. So good too it can't even be paid for.

Anyway, it's hard to see the band struggling.

May be a little niave, but what purpose will the artwork serve unless the tracked is available in a physical form ? (which looking at recent releases, it won't be). Nice to look at on a PC ? Good to know they still believe in releasing single tracks though !

So great!!! ;D

Let me share a story with you all:

Back during the time inbetween the 'A Funk Odyssey'/'Dynamite' eras of Jamiroquai, I was on the Frenchiroquai fansite chatroom (an old defunct French Jamiroquai fansite) and some dude was raving on and on about having an unreleased Jamiroquai promo for a song called "Smile". Of course I took this claim with a grain of salt and ignored him duely. Then I read the news of today, was this just coincidence OR am I completely wrong?

Hope they give us some confirmation on when this new song was composed/recorded cause I'm totally in a 'mindfreak' right now! Cheers Jamily!


@Artwork, I can't comment on Jamiroquai in particular. But others in the music industry suggest CD singles in physical format are made at a financial loss, because of the popularity of downloads(sometimes done illegally!).

The financial outlay in recording and producing music is recovered through touring (In particular, arena tours).

By throwing this out to the fan base, indeed wider public, its a win-win situation.

There's no financial outlay for the band re: photography/artwork by a professional (Remember the feedback on the RDLS cover when it was released, check the archives here..Owch! Ok.. so some did like the cover!) Its free promotion for the band, and is somewhat unusual (I cant recall any other bands doing this)

Its a challenge for everyone to use their inner artistic creativity, and have a platform for it to be shown. Perhaps sparking others creativity in music or other art forms, who knows where it would lead?

Just think of the person starting out in their artistic career, or who up to now hasn't had the lucky artistic breaks...There will be nothing financial in it for the winner,but thats not the point, a credit on the sleeve is the main thing, and what a credit to show on your CV! (They could be the next Storm Thorgerson,Roger Dean,Sir Peter Blake...from small acorns!!!)

Take care lovely peeps!

I cant believe that some people are being negative about this. Its a FREE new jamiroquai track, whats there not to like about this? Like the above comment said "its a win win situation", and 5 minutes after i get home from work on monday afternoon i'll be winning cuz i'll be listening to a brand new tune from jamiroquai that ive never heard before.
Been looking at some of the fan artwork to, some quality stuff, cant wait to see who wins (got my own personal favourite).
I wonder how many tracks jamiroquai have recorded down the years but never released or made available to listen to? Im guessing that it could be a lot, how about sticking them on a special section of itunes (or where ever) so us fans can buy them, no real expense to the record company's and they get a few quid for songs that are never gonna see the light of day. I suppose someone will tell me why it cant be done but its still a nice thought, personally i'd pay to listen to ANYTHING that had the jamiroquai stamp on it.


The announcement on the site said the track was brand new. I wouldn't count an unreleased track from 10 years ago as new. lol

Besides, people tend to rename tracks. So I'm betting that this is merely coincidence from a guy who was likely blowing hot air.

Fantastic news, do you know it will be on itunes too?.

Wow! I am amazed at the artistic talent and creativity of the fans! and the track hasn't even been released yet! You'd put some professional artists to shame!!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Hmmm???I need to think of something radically different to the cowboy logo and smiley face maybe??? just thinking aloud!! Should band members be included?? again thinking aloud!

Just off topic, could this be done musically as well?.. Release a baseline track and get individuals to mix, or contribute other instruments to it.. a collaborative effort.. again credit only, no royalities etc...

Right must get back to some revision - exam next week!
Take care!

Hi Guys! Any idea when this track is going live? Very eager to hear it!

Peace, love, goodvibez.

Yeah, I've been waiting aall day here in Australia!

I think this is a great start for the band. Releasing this for free is great and even if we could pay yuat we consider this worth (like Im sure many of up would. Let go record companies for record sales is win - win, radio head did this and even got fans that paid 5 times what the album would have cost was it sold through regular methods

It looks like we wont be getting it today :(

Interesting thoughts Funkynic..Im sure your'e right!...

Perhaps a donation button to the charity of the bands choice be included (eg: Red Cross Japan or an animal/environmental charity perhaps?)if we wish to contribute - Just thinking aloud!

Could the band release a sample of the track to let us know what to work with? (Id say just be wary of the professional designers trying to tout for business!)

Apologies, am wrestling with Freudian psychosexual theory revision for next tuesdays exam....eeek!!

But things that make me smile?? A sunny day,love,friends and family, a dirty joke(hands up all those who know the one about two psychoanalysts and a lightbulb!),thank you's, a hug, no war, discrimination, intolerance or prejudice, the countryside and its wildlife, a babys giggle,seeing the good in people.

Take care!

I think the idea of doing it with a song is a great one. you may or may not know that Linkin Park did it last year with the first single from their new album. i think the winner got it released as part of the single ep on itunes or something like that. (not 100% sure!)
it would be cool listening to all the different versions,and like u said no royalties, just credit and maybe a door opening somewhere for them.
I hate to say it but the era of cd singles are nearly over so any other idea to make a single release more interesting is good news!
Really looking forward to hearing smile by the way!!

any ideas on how many copies RDLS sold so far worldwide?

Another great thing would be to get acapellas available for donations, maybe thats more of a musician wish but anyway sorry for changing the subjetc on this news itema bit.

Is the music out there yet or not!?

Not out yet.

Ok, do you know when!?

Nope. Just keep checking or the facebook page for updates. Hopefully it's soon!

@ Jase.. I agree with you.. I'm sure there's loads of talented musicians out there..Just so long as it doesn't upset the contribution from rest of the band members, their "sound" is invaluable and unique.

I can only speak from a visual arts perspective, but am sure its similar in musical terms.
I have lots of half completed sketches, photos etc that don't see the light of day on my website,partly because the quality is lousy, or I'm uninspired/tired, or life takes over, or the medium isn't right(eg: should have been pastel not acrylic)or I've overworked it, or simply made a balls up.

If there's a musical sketch so to speak, thats been hanging around, not sure what to do with it, why not put it out there..NO ROYALITIES just a credit..and each musician collaborate with each other globally.. I don't know.. say.. start with percussion, then someone in the world offers base guitar, and build it up that way.. or someone with technical knowledge, plays with the sequencing/timing.. Who knows what would come out of it...Almost a jazz improvisation.. but globally!

Right.. now got to get back to key psychological terms revision...Posners Attentional Spotlight, Theory of mind!...

Take care!

Looks like someone has become inpatient with waiting for the release of "Smile" - a snippet has been leaked!

Loving the new sound - it's a totally new direction.

thank you jamirosmile :-)

/// can't wait for the full song to be released...

Pretty catchy isn't it? i can't stop singing along..

Это разборка пидерская!*?!:№%"*!


Это очень приятно. Вам не нравится новый звук джаза в России?

Всё отлично))) Ждём! ;)

Великий:). Принесите на УЛЫБКУ!

Фанки Привет из Англии

Funky-hello from Russia. Ufff... Tired of this endless waiting. Now both concert and Smile too))

Time Won't Wait eh Russia? When are Jamiroquai coming to Russia? Or no gig confirmed? I am hoping for Lucca in Italy

June, 10th and 12.)) Come on, what are you waiting for? They are. visiting Italy very often)) No comparison with Russia))))

Not long!!!! You must be so excited!!! I am travelling from England to Italy. I went to 02 Arena, London, in April. Best gig for a long time for me. The energy was electric. I wish you the same for your gigs.

Where is it then? Don't announce a promise that can't be kept. Lord Sugar would not be impressed...

I'm sure it will be soon... probably trying to get the final legalities sorted out, contacting the winner and polishing up the final image, or getting it converted into website coding.

Which reminds me.. who ever maintains the "official site" can they take down the Birmingham VIP says April and its now June..

Perhaps upload the Smile song, plus a gallery of all artwork submitted on the site,where the Love foolosophy video is..

They should have asked for the submissions first and then announced a release date.

They should have outlined the rules for the competition properly. Ie maximum submissions allowed, emphasising the importance of not using copyrighted source material in the designs and given a proper deadline eg 18:00 CET 6/6/11. THEN they should've announced the release date... after seeing how many designs that were submitted. Then and only then they would have a clue on how much time it would take to go through all the designs and make a decision, sort out the final legalities, get a final high resolution version of the winning artwork and uploading it along with the track. Just sayin'...

Just f..... propaganda!

"to be released on monday 6th"???
they'd better get new guys to do the promotion work (((not to mention the mega failed record release promotion + artwork/video)))

having said that still looking forward for the track to be released eventually (sadly not with the AWESOME FEATHER BUFFALOMAN DESIGN by diego(?) - stunning work man....)

Feather Buffaloman design by Diego was AWESOME. Is it not chosen?

PS Where is the tune guys come on?!?

its up on facebook now, and so far im loving it, really nice chilled song, about 2mins in and its a winner :) enjoy!

Here it is!

Nice beautiful soulful track .Reminds me of Incognito and their later style.

good to hear them rockin' it again.
very good standard Jamiroquai funky song.
more melancholic than optimistic to me tho.

Gutted for diego. Rubbish artwork, sorry. Not inkeeping with previous style. Feather buffalo man was far better. Just sayin...

ps at least the tune is great :)

great track :)

(((( crappy artwork ))))

It was worth the wait.
What a quality track, and its FREE. Dont you just love this band?
Well done Jamiroquai for treating the fans to this "gift".

Jay and the band

Smile = Stunning! 1st class, Well done! The best yet!

Artwork fabulous well done Clay!


Great song! Good to hear some old acid jazz-vibes again.

I love both the artwork and the song.

The artwork was true to the theme and feel of a smile as well as the spirit of classic Jamiroquai album covers.

Even though I love Diego's style, there was no Smile I could get from it. So to me, it just didn't fit the theme.

I was looking for the feather artwork again yesterday but can't find it now, have you removed it Diego?

em1979: I was looking for it too and couldn't find it either!

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