Jamiroquai announce/confirm Summer 2011 European Tour

Added on Tuesday 05 April 2011, 22:22 (BST)

Lots of summer European concert dates were added by Jamiroquai to their facebook page earlier today (Tuesday) and here is the current list of confirmed dates:

  • 10 Jun 11 (Fri) Russia - Saint Petersburg, Ice Palace
  • 12 Jun 11 (Sun) Russia - Moscow, Crokus City Hall
  • 14 Jun 11 (Tue) Ukraine - Kiev, Palace Of Sports
  • 21 Jun 11 (Tue) Croatia - Zagreb, T-Mobile Festival
  • 24 Jun 11 (Fri) Bulgaria - Razlog, Elevation Festival
  • 26 Jun 11 (Sun) Turkey - Istanbul, Kurucesme Arena
  • 02 Jul 11 (Sat) Romania - Mamaia - Orange Summer Party
  • 09 Jul 11 (Sat) Serbia - Novi Sad, Exit Festival
  • 13 Jul 11 (Wed) Germany - Straubing, Jazz Donau
  • 14 Jul 11 (Thu) Germany - Mainz, Zollhafen Nordmole
  • 16 Jul 11 (Sat) Switzerland - Bern, Gurten Festival
  • 17 Jul 11 (Sun) Germany - Ulm, Radio Festival
  • 21 Jul 11 (Thu) Italy - Padova, Piazzola Sul Brenta
  • 22 Jul 11 (Fri) Italy - Rome, Ippodromo Delle Capannelle
  • 24 Jul 11 (Sun) Italy - Lucca, Piazza Napoleone

A few of the dates listed above have not previously been announced at  

The following dates have been reported here at but have not yet been confirmed by Jamiroquai - 8 June in Estonia, 19 July in Arcachon (France) and 28 July at Vienne (France).  

Apologies if I've missed any out!

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Have to say i'm not pleased that there are still no Irish dates, be it North or South of the boarder. ahh well, maybe one day

Please, come back in Lyon soon :)

Please come back to Belgium!

wow TURKEY!!!

*sigh* I don't expect they'll come back to America...I'll cross my fingers though. Would love to hear some of the new stuff live and in person.

Why no North Sea Jazz Festival?

Leila : they were in Belgium last summer, they'll be there in 5 days and there are lots of dates close to Belgium at the moment (Luxemburg, Oberhausen, Rotterdam etc.)... Hard to complain!

David : The gig in Vienne is compromised at the moment. Tour promoters are planning to reschedule the Lyon gig in July. Vienne and Lyon are just 20 minutes away from each other and start of tickets sales for Vienne has been put on hold until the new date in Lyon is known. So they might probably consider cancelling Vienne...

For Arcachon i bought my tickets last week! So i think it's ok!!! (I hope..) US dates this year,huh? That sucks! I was hoping that,by now,RDLS would have been released in the States with a new single for US radio and a tour to follow.

and Czech Republic?. Why everyone forget about Czech? :(

the concert from romania is not listed anymore on Jamiroquai facebook:( do you know why?

Monic: I don't know why that is. I found more information about the event here - - although this looks like it is just information taken from Jamiroquai's facebook page. Maybe the event is not meant to be announced yet.... Let's just wait and see.

Does anyone know if Jamiroquai will perform in the U.S.? Thank you : )

wow! that´s a full on tour plan!

when they played in vienna Jay Kay said " see you in graz" ( another city in austria)...I had a look, there is a jazz summer festival in graz in july...i contacted the tourismgroup there but there didn´t hear anything yet...the programm is not announced yet. we will see if that one is going to happen or not...

@Alex... we're all hoping.

BTW, there's still 3 weeks of un-announced tour stops in between the Chile and Argentina tour stops later this month and in May. Very curious to see how that's gonna shake out.

OMG, what about Spain? Jamiroquai only wants our country to shoot videoclips and drive his porsche?
I'm starting to be kind of annoyed -.-

Are the band going to get any time off at all...the schedule looks exhausting just reading it!!!

IS JAMIROQUAI come back to Australia to TOUR???!?!?!


Yes, please tour Australia soon, please!

If touring were really about the fans, they'd be coming to North America and the album would have been released already. However, it is not about the fans. It's about making money and coming to the US is apparently not as lucrative as doing the European summer festival circuit, so we get the short-end of the stick once again... and then they wonder why they've lost their US fan base:/

Jamiroquai should perform on North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, and also At the Curaçao North Sea Jazz in September, the line up is fabulous.. Jamiroquai belongs on that stage together with Chic!


have fun everyone.

Hey remember mexico!

IMHO, even though touring makes them more money, they should just work on another album.

It's unlikely that they'll tour America this year. Considering the lack of profit generated from RDLS, as well as the economic turmoil running rampant, perhaps that's a good idea.

touring the usa, they lost money last time. depends on jay's generosity at this point. europe is where their fan-base is, and they can headline or play big summer festivals. only way to pay the bills! jamiroquai is not only a band, it's a business.

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