European tour kicks off in Zurich

Added on Friday 18 March 2011, 21:14 (GMT)

On Friday night Jamiroquai began their 2011 European tour at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland.  From some of the photos posted on Twitter the stage set looks fantastic.  For those fortunate enough to see the band in Zurich please feel free to post a set list, reviews, links to photos etc. as news comments to this item.

UPDATE: Check the awesome photo (and extra information) posted at

The band then head to the Hamburg in Germany on Monday and then onto Paris on Wednesday.

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Fist part of the Setlist:
Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vain, Cosmic Girl, All Good in the Hood, Use the Force, Hanging Over, When you Gonna Learn, Blue Skies, Virtual Insanity, Little L, Canned Heat (Samba Version), Love Foolosophy

Set list looks great. Set list....bleh!

here's the setlist!!! :)

A song from every album.

What a setlist.... and 'Scam'! They played 'Scam'.

Right i'm off to faint.

When are they coming to Limassol??

I don´t want to be but I am soooo jelous..I just want to be at one of the concerts NOOOOWWW!! so glad to see hey floyd on the setlist...
and all the songs with the important messages ( VI, WYGL,RDLS) made it on it too :))
awesome stage!
way to go jamiroquai!!!

wow,they performed Hey Floyd!

such a difficult song to perform,but - well done!

When are they coming to Finland??? :)

Very interesting set list, did not expect 'Hang It Over' or 'Feels Just Like It Should', still as good as ever. Can't wait.

I like this setlist!!!
Congrats for this amazing gig!!!

(dont forget your spanish fans, pleae!)

and a gig in the Solar Sistem!!!

So hight in the sky!


Wasn't there but judging by the videos floating around... this gig was BRILLIANT!

Canned Heat with horns YES

Roll on 17 April!

Man, that's why I love this institution... this show is sounding amazing!!!

It's great to see such a diverse setlist.

Hey Floys - The best song of the album. Genious!

Feels Just Like it Should - what a great surprise. I guess I'm one of the few that like this song and it's great to see that Deeper Undergorund is no longer the encore.

Canned Heat - wow, what a version. This samba rhythm is just fsntastic.

Congratulations to the band. This is unique!

Wooooo I love that they play "Scam" and "Hey Floyd"! And love the version of "Feels Just Like It Should" a lot.

PS. I'm going to see them live for the first time in Lyon, cannot wait!!

Scam!! SCAMMM!!!! I hope the setlist doesn't change much between now and Manchester.

The set list looks great! I'm just surprised they didn't play She's A Fast Persuader? Anyway, CAN'T WAIT to see them in Paris this Wednesday!!

And, oh my, Scam and When We Gonna Learn!!! Wowww!

@Dave Harrison
Did we travel to finland together for Pori Jazz 2003?
Nice setlist - VI...sublime.

Wowwww SCAM!!!
Does anyone have a video/audio footage of it?

The Setlist looks great... I can't wait to see them live in Brussel and Rotterdam aswell.. I was hoping for Souleducation,Mr. Moon and Shoot the moon.. I also miss Two Completely Different Things..I'm very happy with Use the force..So I'll be dacing my @#! off!

there is some Scam video footage on youtube, search for 'Jamiroquai Zuerich' (spelling is intentional), it was right before they played Hey Floyd, I think.

Video footage recorded at gigs dosnt normally do bands justice but they looked like they rocked the place!!
love the new versions of the old songs especially feels just like it should. cant wait for birmingham!!

Wow, this is really awesome! I can't wait for them to come down to Australia!

@MsP Hi Jan! how you doing?

Hello Dave! Doing good thanks. How about you?
Can't believe where all the years have gone - the Pori trip was amazing and always makes me smile thinking about it :).
You're off to Manchester? Me and Ezbe are now considering 02 after seeing the stuff from Zurich. We were sitting this tour out...but this is all too tempting.

DAVE!! That's all that I wanted to say, really. And the videos of the gig look AMAZING, so tempted to go!

Ha - Ez, out of retirement?
You're no longer're going (will book tickets this afternoon)

Yeah Jan, Pori was amazing, such a great time. You can't sit this tour out, it really looks great, I love the new intro into Cosmic girl.

I went to Hard Rock Calling last summer and they were brilliant then, that version of Hooked Up blew me away.

EZ!! You know you'll enjoy it if you go, come on..... you gots ta.

I really, really, really want to go to a Jamiroquai concert!!! I watched the videos from the Zurich concert on YouTube and they were absolutely awesome, Jamiroquai are in top form!

Please bring this tour to Australia (especially Melbourne) this year - that stage set will look fantastic in Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. Jamiroquai are the best! ♥

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