Matt Johnson - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Appeal

Added on Monday 14 March 2011, 22:06 (GMT)

After the devastating scenes of death and destruction from the earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011 this is an event that has touched so many people around the world.

Jamiroquai have a long standing association with Japan - and have an amazing fanbase and superb support of all things Jamiroquai - since the very early days of the band.

Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson has been very moved by these events - especially as his wife is Japanese.

Many people want to help donate money towards the rescue efforts in Japan and to help show his support Matt is offering this track - Tokyo Dreaming - that he wrote/performed/recorded some years ago as a free download to visitors of this site - and all he asks of people who download the track is to make a donation to the Red Cross.

More information about how to donate and a link to the track can be found at the Tokyo Dreaming page.

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Good to see people still have their hearts in the right place at this awful time......more than we can say about the greedy millionaire directors who care only about their exports being affected!

Part of the Jamiroquai experience is their love for humanity......remember 'there's no place like planet's the only place I know, where you can witness tragedy!'

Think Matt's track needs some work, not the greatest in my mind. Pretty crap actually as it plays on.

hey falco ! its not about the track.

Still bad though.

Falco, what an utterly disgraceful comment and then you try to defend it!
Shame on you.

Worst comment I've ever read by Falco.
F**king disgusting.

you keep your opinion to yourself. way to sound like a massive tool, falco

Guys, no need for the massive overeaction. Falco thinks it's a bad track, and he has a point. He's not dissing Matt or the chill!

Get over yourselves, the article is about the appeal and Matt's terrible song. Now forgetting the appeal for a second, it's a song that needs some work. I commented on a news bulletin which allows users to comment their opinion. Now keep in mind this article is about how we can help and how Matt is helping by releasing his song for free. Now tell me where by me saying that the song is bad i am off topic and further to that being disrespectful to a cause? You don't know me or what I've done for charity, plus I bet it's more than you so don't judge when you have no right to.

Also am i supposed to enjoy the song just because it's centred around the quake/Tsunami.

It was your nonchalant cocky arrogant second comment that allowed us to judge with every right to do so. you made a comment on a news bulletin, that was on topic, but attached to a sensitive subject. If Matt released the track when a couple of weeks ago it was all sunny and rainbows in Japan, then go ahead, and shoot it down with pleasure. In this case, it 'aint really about the track alone, it's about the 'cause'.
Never want to know anything about you mate, as your comments supply more than ample to me.

Matt, thanks for sharing this, I've always loved this song and your willingness to give it away at such a difficult time and a worthy cause is most admirable. Good on you mate. Praying for Japan,

Dr. J.

Thanks Matt... nice gesture and so glad you are acting on supporting the people of Japan... Falco.. ;you are a twerp!!!!!

@theselfpreservationsociety; "sunny and rainbows in Japan, then go ahead, and shoot it down with pleasure."

So in answer to my question i have to like the track because of the cause it's posted with. That's humorous.

Why you are associating my comment about the song with the appeal and then stereotyping me as someone who doesn't care is another funny concept, i was merely stating that the song is bad.

I would also like to point out that i have not insulted anyone on this site and due to a few not liking my comment/s i have been insulted. Which i would like to point out is childish and reflects negative on you. I did not mock or insult the cause just stated my opinion on the song.

I don't normally like to get involved in these forums as everyone is entitled to their opinion but I find the way Falco has expressed his opinion quite offensive.
That's cool that you think my song is 'terrible', it's certainly a matter if taste and maybe it was the wrong choice. It's a personal song that I only used because it had a connection with Japan. But that is eclipsed somewhat by the fact that 500,000 people who had a home last week don't have one now and face nuclear devastation.
That's the only point of this, not the song.
Rant over, sorry!

I just had to re-read this Falco text like 10 times because I thought I am not reading it right. This is such a STUPID thing to say!! This is NOT about the song, it's the earthquake that happened in japan!!!!!!!!!
Even if you find the track CRAP, you could have just kept this for yourself and just keep it with "not the greatest in my mind".
Also obviously Matts track is not CRAP, it was made with love and caring and now it serves a good purpose!
A crap song would be something written and produced completely mindless to make money for some a*shole.
And I am ASHAMED that Matt actually wrote here and must read this bullsh*t :(
Please keep doing your good work Matt!

All my love and support to the japanesse people.

Hello Forum People,

as the Rock Dust Light Star Tour is just about to kick off (how tragically appropriate), I've ended up on this site as I will be going to one of the forthcoming gigs. I am deeply moved by the current events in Japan, but I am absolutely shocked by some of the heartless comments on this site. These are the times we should be even more supportive of one another as we all share the same planet. Thank you Matt for raising awareness and lots of love and support for the forthcoming tour at such a difficult time for us all.
Minute of silence before the gigs would be more then appropriate. My thoughts are with the Japanese people now...

I will try & get a Japanese copy of RDLS signed by the band & make people aware it will be on ebay at the gig ;-)

C´mon Falco, relax .. Yeah everybody is entitled to an opinion but sometimes we got to weigh stuff to see if it is the time or place to put it out .. And common sense tells the majority of us that due to the sensitive matter and generosity of Matt, maybe that comment was a bit out of line .. You see, Matt could had stay still and do nothing .. But he did something (good or bad we may think it is) .. Because he cared for all those people! And by the way even though I prefer Toby Smith style, it is still a matter of taste, you know why? Because Matt is a very good keyboardist too!! C´mon chill out brother

By the way, the track is nice! Maybe needed to start growing with some drums (some development) but that´s only an opinion and a matter of taste. I think it´s spiritual and spacey (reminded me a bit of Vikter Duplaix) and I like that .. congrats Matt!!

Matt I think what you did is great. I hope your wife´s family and friends are okay.
let´s all do our best to help. what if we would be in their place...
event s like this really (should) put things into a different perspective.

What's happened in Japan is a devastating and terrible event in which many lives where lost. Our thoughts go out to the families. We must all try and do our bit.

Now onto the joint topic of the article. Matt's song is in my opinion not very good. In fact I dislike it.

All of you can get off my back, you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Falco you point is taken, no need to repeat it.

Just want to add my 2p worth. The news item clearly states: "Matt Johnson - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Appeal". Simply put: "Raising money for a worthy cause" (not asking for feedback to a song). Falco, you're certainly a person who likes an audience; we know that. This is an emotional and frightening time for a lot of Japanese people, residents, their families and the world in general. You are entitled to freedom of speech but your initial comment was unnecessary. Peace to all, heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the people of Japan!

Thanks Matt for this gesture.

I think most of us feel impotent in the wake of this tradegy so anything each and every one of us can do will help.

And if I can throw also throw my 2p worth in (nice words Quanna); this senseless bickering and digging at each other is ruining what used to be a great and positive site. It also totally disregards the ethos of Jamiroquai.

Please people stop this inner fighting - there are more important things in this world (big clue this news topic) and as a nation we need to pull together. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance.

Keep cool everybody, we must stay together, and respect each other, to help people who realy need. There's no time to wonder now, about who is right or wrong.

Japanese, and each person who suffers, never give up the fight. There are so many wondrous things for you to see... Love.

*thumbs up* @ Funkadelic.

Hi all. I tried to ignore it but thought I should make it clear that the above comment made in my name was in fact not me.
The internet is a great thing in my opinion however one downside is that it allows people to pass comments whether good or bad so easily. An opinion can now be expressed so freely without thought of the efffect it may have. Of course everyone likes praise and bad comments can be hard to take. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Not everyone likes the same thing. Thinking about this subject made me realise something. None of my musician friends, songwriters , producers etc write negative comments about other peoples work on forums. Maybe that because they realise the amount of time and energy that goes into creating something.. There's lots of music I personally don't like. However I would never go out of my way to bad mouth it publicly. That's just me I guess.

Anyway Matt , I applaud you for your efforts although I know that's not what this gesture is about.
Who ever it was who came on here using my name " NOT COOL" grow up please.
I think its too easy on the Internet to get your thoughts out in the open thinking that they may have an effect.
As we see every day , life is hard enough without having a load of negative stuff thrown about randomly. That's only my opinion
My thoughts go out to the people of Japan who are suffering. Your dignity and strength in the face of huge crisis should be a lesson for us all.

As my good friend mate said earlier

Rant over.

Rob H.

I have spoken to Derrick & he has told me the signed Japanese Bonus track cd should not be a problem & also made aware of at the O2 gig to the crowd.

That ok Matt & Rob?

I think this thing has been blown out of proportion by everyone. No need for it.

Good vibez all. Smoke some cheeba if you have to, listen to Space Cowboy........just keep the love alive! Rob, was awsome meeting you at HMV Forum and Matt......with FALCO!

hey Russ. Thats fine with me.

Oh my Drama drama drama drama.

Since everyone else is dropping the bomb, I may aswell voice MY opinion aswell ^_^.

Stop. The torrent of abuse directed at Falco is starting to sound a little guilty to me... Whats the problem? Starting an internet argument (always an ignorant, pointless idea) does not excuse you good people from not doing all you can to help the Japanese people.

Think anyone there gives a flying $*%& what the song sounds like. I think it'd be better for everyone if this time was spent a little more constructively.

You're all incredibly quick to drop judgment on someone. Was it really so horrific that it couldn't just be ignored if you were offended? (that goes to you as well 'matt' and 'rob' ect.

In reality, I know Falco to be a better person than some of you make him out to be, than some of YOU are infact.

Stop. Grow up. Cheeeeeeba!

We should all do our bit to alleviate any suffering that we encounter. For me, listening to Jamiroquai has always been about not only the music but also the message, whether it be about environmental issues, world peace, etc..
We are lucky enough to have a group who's songs not only deal with all of these issues, but make us dance like crazy too!
Can't wait to see them funk out in Brussels next month! Good luck with the start of the tour!

Matt - apologies for the delay in reply. Just been at a private viewing of the Syd Barrett Art exhibition in London, just got back and read the posts.

Matt - Don't listen to any of the bickering, its an amazing and beautiful thing you've done! you have talent in abundance! Keep up the good work.. Rob H - I appreciate the time and effort you guys put in...I wouldn't have a clue where to start music wise... Don't know my crotchets from my quavers (unless they are of the crisp variety).

Think we should all take a deep breath, stop and think for a moment about the people of Japan. Donate as much as we can, pray to whatever higher power you may believe in!

Shelterbox are another amazing charity, local to me in the Southwest UK, who are in Sendai, providing immediate assistance..full details are on their website

Love to allx

Wow Falco, so you say we're not right to judge you cause you don't know what we've done, then you say something like "Probably more than you." Hypocritical much? Now I wouldn't stir stuff up again, but no one called you out on that, and frankly I think that's rude. You essentially said "You can't judge me." then judged everyone else right afterwards. Not gonna stand by and let you say something rude like that to me and the fellow fans here.

You went a little far with your first comment there, Don't like the track, fine. Want a suggestion? Don't like it, don't listen to it. Simple, eh?

As for Meszamil, you need to check yourself too. I hope by what you mean with "In reality, I know Falco to be a better person than some of you make him out to be, than some of YOU are infact." is that some people have proven themselves to be worse people than Falco on this site. Otherwise, judging me without a reasonable argument would simply be contradictory. Also, Matt has a right to defend why he did. Seriously, try not be hypocritical next time you comment. You felt it NECESSARY to post to defend Falco didn't you.

To everyone else, there are worse people on the internet than Falco. Did anyone see the troll girl that decided it was fun to make fun of Japan's current state, saying God did it? That's terrible. Falco's comment simply states an opinion is a real rude way. He never said the disaster in Japan was a good thing...

Dear Mr. Matt
We Japanese really appreciate your kindness!

Dear Mrs. Matt ( romaji desu yominikukute gomenn nasai!)
anatano gokazokuya otomodatiga douka gobujide arimasuyouni.
kaigaideno houdouga hituyouijyouni hidoinode, panikkuwo okkosareteinaika sinnpaidesu.
gennpatuni kannsuru hametuteki jitai ha sakerareta moyoudesu.
konoyouna tokikoso heijyousinnwo kokorogake masyou!
kotiradeha minnna Matt no yasasii kimotini honntouni kannsya siteimasu yo!

ririka san message arigatou gozaimasu.
zannenn na koto ni uede chotto momete orimasuga...
konkai no Matt no koudou wo otto to site hitorino ningenn to site, totemo hokorini omotte imasu.
watashino kazoku ya yuujin, aisuru kokyou nihon.
watasitachi nihonjinn no tameni, yuuki aru koudou wo okositekureta koto wo totemo kansha siteimasu.
hajimete ippou ga haitta hi, tooku hanareta watasitachi ni naniga dekirunoka, fuufu de hanashiai masita.
kono kyoku ha watasitachi fuufu ga kekkon suru mae ni kare ga shumide tsukutta kyoku de, mochiron riekimokuteki deha nainode uede siteki no toori arakezuri desu.
dekireba shinsai no tameni kyoku wo kakioroseba yokatta nokamo shiremasenga, choukini wataru rehearsal go honnjitsu kara tour de tabou notame jitsugen dekimasen desita.
Tokyo dreaming. kimochi ga takusan komotta kyoku desu.
ima nihonde taete ganbatteru hitotachi ni, kono love song wo sasage raretara, sosite kaigai no hitotachi karamo gienkin wo tsunoretara to omotta shidai desu.
watashi no kazoku ha touhoku desuga buji desita.
ririka san to gokazoku, goyuujintachiga gobuji de arimasu youni. hisaichi ni iru katagata no kotowo omouto kotoba ga demasen...
sukoshidemo giennkinn ga atsumatte hisaichi no katagata ni todoku kotowo negatte imasu.


Tanya san no daijina hitotatiga gobujide aru to siri honntouni hotto itasimasita.
osaka deha hasimoto tiji ga kannsai zenntai wo matomenagara, touhoku tihou no kinnkyuu sienn wo tyakujituni jikkou siteimasu.
hisaisya no katatati no kannsai heno sokai mo jyunnbityuu desu.
douka Tanya san no okimotiga sukosidemo yawaragi masuyouni.
watasinohouha kanntou ni iru miutino bujiwo kakuninn simasitanode hitoannsinn desu.
kaifuku ha tyoukisenn ni naru node, watasimo dekirukotowo murinonai hanni de sapo-to siteimasu.

Matt ga hitorino ninngenntosite totemo sonnkei dekiru hito de arukotoha, mukasikara, wakaruhito niha tyannto tutawatte imasu yo!
douka kokoronai komennto ni kanasimanaide kudasaine.
"ueno chotto mome"... jituha watasimo kokono aho tatini butikireta node,
Matt to Tanya san ni, ofutarino yasasii okokorodukai to, banndo no sijidanntai tono fukuzatuna kannkei ni oite Matt no totemo yuukiaru koudou ni watasitati minnnaga donnnani kannsya siteiruka zehi otutae sitakatta nodesu.
honntouni arigatou gozaimasu.

Big Love to Mr. Matt & Tanya san from Japan

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