Jamiroquai performance at Paris Fashion Week

Added on Monday 07 March 2011, 20:22 (GMT)

It seems that today (Monday) Jamiroquai have popped over to Paris to perform at a fashion show party for the Paul & Joe label.  If anyone is at the gig feel free to tell us how it is/was as a comment to this news story.

They will then return back to the UK to continue full rehearsals for the tour which kicks off on 18 March in Switzerland.

Credit: Darshan Lovgren

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First Post!!
Here is smoke and mirrors guys it was uploaded on youtube. I think they played little L after but I could not find that one enjoy everyone!!

here are the tracks played last night (the tracklist has to be confirmed, I managed to enter at the end of the show, so well I only saw Love Fool !)

Cosmic Girl, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Hurtin', Smoke and mirrors, and Love Foolosophy (no encore)

time of the show: 45 mn
One hour after Jay and Paula Abdul (Paul & Joe designer) arrived on stage with a huge birthday cake...on Stevie Wonder's song "happy birthday" !

Jay needs a stylist, that horror of shirt for the fashion week in Paris

lol I did a mistake her name is Sophie Albou...and not the 80's singer !

Got my ticket! Bring on the UK tour! Can't wait to hear.... If I like it I do it... Light years... Space cowboy...just another Capricorn day... High times...too young to die. They better not disappoint! Whose with me?!

I'd have to disagree with you Bass Cowgirl. I expect it will be tiring after back to back gigs. So long as they go with their creative muse thats fine by me.

Looking forward to some improvisation, taking some musical risks instead of sticking to the script - extended saxophone riff on Fast Persuader and Guitar riff on Hurtin for example.

If the band enjoy what they play, then it will show through on their work.

Looking forward to Manchester! Take care!

@Bass Cowgirl

I dont know much about Jamiroquai's live shows since they haven't been to Dallas since 97, but I have a hard time believing they'll play any of those songs besides Space Cowboy.

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