Jamiroquai return to Taratata reminder

Added on Monday 14 February 2011, 22:37 (GMT)

For French readers of the site don't forget that Jamiroquai will be on television Taratata on Tuesday evening (15 February).  The show was recorded a few days ago and the band performed the following songs:

  • Deeper Underground
  • Rock Dust Light Star
  • California Soul (by Marlena Shaw)
  • White Knuckle Ride

I'm sure that some kind reader will post a link to the broadcast over the coming days :)

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And the videos will be on the website of the show at the end of it (begin @20h35 and approximately end @22h).

That's great news :-)))))

Just a random question, when will the album come out in the US? It is 2011...

Finally coming back to the covers? :D AMAZING! That song by Marlena Shaw really rocks! LOVELY ONE!!!!! Hope they play it so much more over the tour!

California Soul by Marlena Shaw played by Jamiroquai...
I mean, if there ever was a wish in one's life...
Brilliant, wicked, mindblowing.

Classic tune, Let's hope it's a funked up cover! Cheeba.

looking forward to hearing California Soul!

what time is this show suppose to air??

what time is this show suppose to air??

The show is broadcasting ;) RDLS and Deeper performance were correct (with no horns...), but we've heard it million times. And million times better. Nothing special. Now, I'm waiting for this beautiful cover.

A great show !! And the cover of California Soul is just fantastic, the best track they played in the show!Well done guys ;)

If you missed the show you can watch it on the france 4 website or on the french channel 2 this friday,Febuary 18 at 0h45 .

Lucky to see the show,Jay and all of them seem to enjoy this program,really relaxed and appreciated by the French (compared with X factor crowd).Enjoyed the chat part-no silly questions-Nagui is a good host.California Soul the best.see you in Zurich.

Hi everybody,
Have a look at this:

17 years ago, same place, so funky!!! enjoy

Can watch them online now, Great performance, especially the cover.


That cover was magnificent. Really suited Jay's voice, and the horns were so crisp! now to watch all the over stuff hehe

I've got to move, Cause it's really such a groove ! California Soul... Thanks gentleman.

Wicked 'husky breezy' version, if you know what I mean.
Loved it.

mp3 Jamiroquai - California soul:
click Stahnout, write the code and click Stahnout again...
enjoy ;-)

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