Paradiso concert on Portuguese television

Added on Wednesday 12 January 2011, 21:41 (GMT)

Portuguese television station RTP2 will be broadcasting the Amsterdam Paradiso concert from October 2010 in full on 21st January.

Credit: Tiago Varejao

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you must record it and pass it around the net maaaan!

It is already circulated as someone had recorded it from French Television M6

i don think though that the entire show is on the internet in television recorded quality

I do think as I have the DVD...

what im saying is that AGITH wasnt included in the recording though it was still performed, both the regular and acoustic versions

Yes that's true, I got your point

I watched the entire show in December on french television W9 ( it's a M6 channel television )! It was really great ;)

VAMOS!! esta não vou perder de certeza (i wont miss this for anything)

Zsoma, Lydia, do you know if it is possible to watch it again on replay channel or something like that? Cause I don't think I can watch it on portuguese channel!! Thanks

OliV ,
Sorry but I can't find the whole video I watched on channel W9 ...But I found some pieces on You Tube .The most interesting are those called " Jamiroquai Paradiso complete concert part... " , there are about 10 parts . Hopefully it's gonna be released in DVD ;)

Here's a link to the full concert.

i'm seeing it right now on rtp 2!! kickass gig :)

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