SWR3 party photos, set list and video

Added on Monday 29 November 2010, 08:43 (UTC)

On Sunday Night Jamiroquai closed off a hectic album promo schedule with a concert at Zapata in Stuttgart, Germany.  A number of photos from the concert are online at the website and the setlist was as follows:

  • Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Smoke and Mirrors, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Hurtin', Lifeline, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground

A video of the concert is expected to be made available from 30 November for a week on

Credit: Dominik at, James Feligha

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Great Photos. Looked amazing... Cheeebbbaaa

Great!!! Lifeline!!!! cant wait to hear it live!!!! (David is Smoke and Mirrors!!)

Matute: thanks for pointing that out. The list over at jamirodreams is straight from the printed set list and I corrected the main one - where the set lists say "Fast Persuaders" instead of "She's A Fast Persuader"...

You are more than welcome David!!!

I think it was after RDLS when Jay saw that poster saying "Jason, I think I'm your wife!".
He was like: "The next song's gonna be (chuckles) 'I think I'm your wife'" and kept on on laughing for about a minute. It took him some time to pull himself together and afterwards he asked sth. like "How many wifes am I gonna have?" :D

BTW there is going a broadcast of the gig on the local radio station SWR3 today at 7pm CET(UTC+1).
You can find the onlinestream here: !

I was one of the happy ones in Stuttgart and as old Fan I thought I will go crazy when I got the mail from SWR3, was screaming through the house, my brother asked me if I want some medicine hahaha. Okay Jamiroquai was AMAZING!!! Fresh, a lot of energy and a funny Jay Kay, think he loves now Schwarzwälder beer lol. It was an unforgettable evening and next year I am in Stuttgart again ;) and then I show you a sign with "please marry me" LOOOL Thank you guys and SWR3 for this great time...

Thanks Trapilon! Listening right now! :)

the video highlights are now up over here:

in my opinion lifeline translates live better than what they have played from the new album so far with smoke and mirrors in second place.

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