Emergency On Planet Earth artwork t-shirts

Added on Thursday 25 November 2010, 13:39 (UTC)
Emergency On Planet Earth inlay

This was posted a few months ago but as Christmas is around the corner I thought I'd mention it again.  James Marsh, the artist who created the fantastic artwork featured on Jamiroquai's 1993 album Emergency On Planet Earth has given permission for the artwork to be printed onto t-shirts. A number of these t-shirts in more sizes and colours than available previously are now available from

I've got one of these tees myself (I went for classic white :) and wore it with pride at the recent gig at the Forum in London.

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Great , I think I will get one. Cheebbaaaa

Would they send it to Argentina???????

Will order mine tonight. Cheeeba

Believe me, David's t-shirt was gorgeous! Thanks for posting Mr Rowe! :)

And I loved loved seeing you with it at the Forum!!!

On tomorrows day in history, Zed witnessed all the five musicians on the tshirt play together for his first time in 1993. The stage was almost like what the t shirt's jungle depicts. Outstanding. Jay told us (the audience) that they just did a show in Texas with about 3 people in the crowd... The band played unbelievably tight, and that performance has never left my mind. Unfortunatley the opening act got booed throughout it's entirety, with a woman dancing somewhat sultry with a 6 foot python around her neck, and a drummer alongside. I could go on mentioning about the show, but let's stick to the wicked tshirt for now. Peace.

Zed: I remember that 'opening act' very well. It went on...and on...and on... Great gig though. I remember being at university at the time, driving to London, watching the gig, coming out very very late and then driving 60 miles to my parents for the weekend.

It got to the point where I was feeling sorry for the opening act, and just wish they left the stage. If I remember correctly, it was a very, very late start until the band came on. It looks like you did a 'pit stop' at Brixton before heading off to your parents. 17 years ago, my god...


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