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Added on Wednesday 24 November 2010, 13:04 (UTC)

So, after a Paris concert was announced for 23 March, we then get Lyon in France on the 24th, and now its the bands first date in Luxembourg - this time at the Rockhal on 5 April.  With tickets on sale from the 26 November I'm anticipating (hoping) for a full list of tourdates to be announced very very soon...

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Pleasee... put Germany in your tour list!

ahhhhhhhhh my gosh Luxembourg!! I'm so happy!!!!!!! yessssssssss. I just asked Rockhal a month ago if they will not have Jamiroquai performing there soon and they said you never know... ahhhhh

So excited for the tour, looking forward to seeing a full list of all the dates... Cheeebaaa

Thank god! (Or thank Cheeba) that the tour is nearing! Can't wait to see the new album played live. SAFP will be crazy good. Methodz......cheeba!

I can't wait till they give the schedule for the UK tour dates.

Will try as hard as I can to get a ticket to the Paris concert (and maybe the Lyon one too) :D

As much as I'm happy for all the European fans, I was hoping they'd do a spring tour in the U.S. They haven't been back for 5 years, and they always tour Europe throughout the summer. I'm wondering if they're ever coming back?

POLAND ! Please ! POLAND !

we expecy Jay Kay in Istanbul for almost a decade now..pleasee!!


Any rumours on a Latinamerican tour???..........

I feel your pain Pete. I guess with no set US release date for the new album, we are set to be left out for a little while longer. Let's keep on playing those lotto numbers...

Fantastic! I look forward to seeing some U.S. tour dates,I hope, before the end of 2011:-)

Waiting patiently for US dates...

I'm more than happy to see them in Luxembourg, my country, and at the same venue where I played with my band last w-e:-)))

This is all well & good, but PLEASE please please come to the US soon too!!

Hopefully Jay & the band won't have to deal with THIS again, LOL:

big up to Jay for his funny freedom to speach!

Still hoping for a gig in Sweden. But I guess I'll have to plan a trip to the UK or somewhere else. I've never been to Paris... I guess a Jamiroquai gig is a quite good excuse to visit. :)

Yes Funkyroquai, found the same news at

21. March in Hambourg
26 March in Munich
6 April in Stuttgart
8 April Berlin
12 April Oberhausen.


USA! USA! USA! do i have to spell it out for you? Can't get any clearer than this
= P


in Lille , north of France please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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