Top Gear Magazine interview with Jay

Added on Wednesday 03 November 2010, 22:14 (UTC)

The December 2010 issue of Top Gear magazine (UK) features a five page interview (including photos) with Jay where he talks about most of the cars in his garage(s)!  After the talk about cars there is a short mention of the album...

"...My motto going into this one was, no more dancing on f**king lit squares.  I'm not Justin Timberlake.  I wanted to do something a bit more relaxed, a bit more like the [Rolling] Stones or Rod Stewart in their disco period..."

If you're in the UK the December issue of Top Gear magazine is on sale now.

Credit: David Pryor

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I liked Jamiroquai dacing on lit squares... :(

Top Gear + Jay = win
As I said before, I hope Jay does a lap in the new reasonably priced car =D

"a bit more relaxed" = boooring (vide BS video)

Fine Jay. Just throw in a few more B-sides from this project and we will be straight!

where can we see the full interview and pics? i can't find it on the website

Any chance we can get a scan of it :)


two mins please I have it here ;)

Here it goes, I sent it over to Dave aswell for him to put at the main news item page :)


what, does jay think 5 mins of helicopter flying footage is better than his classic vids with his signature dancing? 'hey jay, your mind's in a mess again'

He probably gets tired much more easily due to his age (although that didn't stop guys like Michael Jackson...). Ah well. What's done is done.

And just think...Michael Jackson was on so many drugs for pain in his body,it turned into a negative situation,hence why we don't have him still here today.
Prudence is better, if he rather not dance I don't mind,I can imagine the fatigue and all the sweating through a whole show can be a bit much. Besides we have had all the years prior when he did.
I would rather him preserve his health, so he can live long and keep giving us music. It's his voice and the music I am in it for,I love the sound of his voice.

Bought Top Gear today - nice article, interview wise. However would have liked bigger spread of photos of the cars.

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