Rock Dust Light Star confirmed track listing

Added on Friday 17 September 2010, 20:16 (UTC)

So, within a day of posting an unconfirmed track listing for the new Jamiroquai album the good people at have posted a confirmed track list.

  1. Rock Dust Light Star
  2. White Knuckle Ride
  3. Smoke and Mirrors
  4. All Good In The Hood
  5. Hurtin'
  6. Blue Skies
  7. Lifeline
  8. She's a Fast Persuader
  9. Two Completely Different Things
  10. Goodbye To My Dancer
  11. Never Gonna Be Another
  12. Hey Floyd

We now have the tracks for the UK/International (non-Japanese) release of the album.  This is very close to the Amazon list - perhaps either 'Your Window Is A Crazy Television' or 'Not The Funk' (if they are genuine track names) will be the bonus track for Japan?  Only time will tell...

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