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Added on Monday 23 August 2010, 20:52 (UTC)

There's been a lot (and I mean a lot!) of talk over recent days about the sample of White Knuckle Ride that was posted onto YouTube a few days ago.  If you've missed the discussion, check out the news item from a few days ago...

It was expected that the song would be 'released' or at least heard properly any day now after news such as this from auspOp that said the track would be released to the media this week.  Thanks to a post over at someone spotted that has as of today (Monday) got a full length version of the track available to purchase and download as an MP3 file.

If it's on one online store then I'm sure it will either be on many more stores in the coming days or taken down if it wasn't meant to be put online!  This could be similar to a few years ago when Feels Just Like It Should was accidentally put online at one of the download stores a few days before it was meant to be on sale.

We'll just have to wait and see...

UPDATE: You can find it on as well now (thanks to Daniel in the comments).  Check your local official music download shop and if it is not there then it probably will be soon.

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wooowwwww soudnsssssssssssssssssss gr888888888888 ... it was a remix after allll :D:D:D the reall version kicksss a$$$$$$ jamiroquaiiii is back :D:D:D - First to comment

I dig it! Looking forward to the album.

btw cant wait to hear the full verrsion if anybody could help it will be gr8! its sooo funny everyone judged about this song saying bad things about the band without knowin it was a remix afterall hehe lots of love from A.kay

Mate, listen to the full track CAREFULLY, the shared 40 sec on youtube is the ending of original song...:S

Just Bought the full version.....sounds good

I have been staring at the download website for ages and can't figure out how to download it...any help??? Or Bob, can u just email it to me...:)

i cant listen to the full track i didnt figure out how to download it :S any helppp quickkk cant wait to hear the full version

well I managed to pay for it, but how do you download it?

Arrrggghhhh, can't figure out how to download it. I click the download button and nothing! So I do the natural thing and see if there's a shopping cart somewhere on the page with an item in it, but nooooooooooo! >.

Well I found the shopping cart and paid for it, but as I live in the US, I dont think it will let me download it...:(

Jamiroquai Fans come on someone upload it !! we ve been waiting 4 years for a new songgg !

Someone posted the full song on Youtube this morning but they quickly removed it.Keep checking Youtube,maybe someone else will post it again.The song will be sent to radio stations tomorrow,so we're all gonna get the chance to hear it then.

Oh my GOD!!! Come on, please, someone upload it again to youtube or somewhere...!!!

I heard it already on the local radio station today, really dig it! They said on the broadcast that Universal had also send Blue Skies to them

Just bought and downloaded the track from Mega-Media, it sounds great !! Can't wait for the full album.

I just downloaded it from the site, and I'm in the U.S. I paid with Paypal, and discovered that the page wasn't loading. So I right-clicked the button '[Click Here] if the page does not load,' copied the link location, pasted it into a blank browser page and accessed the download link that way. Hope this helps!!

This song was totally worth the (~$1.50 USD) download. If anyone finds Blue Skies anywhere, let me know!

That 40sec clip was really misleading...actual track is better.

I absolutely love it!!! Their sound has evolved in an amazing way and this track is tight! Halleluja, our boys are back!!!

Rich R..... i got to where you got to and the page isnt loading :( the payment has gone through but no download page, any ideas!?


There should be a button that says 'click here' if the page does not appear in 5 seconds...or something like that. RIGHT-CLICK that button, and select COPY LINK LOCATION (I think it's the same for FireFox or Internet Explorer). Now open up a new webpage, paste the link in the Address Bar at the top, and hit Enter. It should bring you to another screen with a blue button that reads: Order Downloaden. Click that button and it should let you save it to your computer.

Thanks Rich, im trying that but the page just wont load like here:

Hmm, that looks like a direct network issue. You may want to try pasting the link in a different browser altogether, and see if that fixes the problem.

i tried safari and firefox, it randomly started working!!!!! great song!!!

I heard it on youtube after I couldn't get that website to let me buy it.

I like it! Being almost smack bang on 3 and a half minutes I'm wondering if the album version maybe longer!? I hope so because it has got a really cool groove (especially the first half of the song) and I want to hear a bit more of it!

I am fairly confident that this is an edit and that the album version will be longer. I love the track. This track is also available to download on now too, so looks like it has not been available by accident and may start to appear more widely over the next few days.

heard the full song now... by far the worst song they ever did, hope its not on the album... still hoping there will be at least 2-3 decent tracks on the album, might be their first album i dont buy :-(

I'm with jess - what a shocker of a track.

By far the MOST commercial Jamiroquai have ever sounded.

I'm all for innovation and 'moving forward', but they're just sounding like every other electro-disco-pop band out there. Hardly unique.

why diss the song? what are you proving? do you think they have anything else to prove as artists? they want to music they want and they are naturals in getting the majority to groove to it

Well if you liked AFO then you would really love this song but if you an old skool jamiroquai fan you probably wont like it that much. Lucky thing im true jamiroquai fan i love the old and the new :)

Well, just downloaded the song... I too am a complete fan of Jamiroquai(old and new) and I must say this song is fantastic. Great funky bassline... can't wait for the album!

A REAL dutch treat:
Select button "Beluister Single", submit a
(valid) e-mail address and you can download it for free!!!

A REAL dutch treat:
(above link didn't work properly)...

doesn`t work

Oh my god, what a serious funk groove!!!! Amazing!!! Jamiroquai 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't wait the new album !!!!!

It's got a groove and I'm liking it! To me it resembles Feel so Good off AFO quite stongly.

I dig it :) what a delicious evolution-- really looking forward to the album

god bless matt smith!

Johnson even!

the jamiroquai funk and soul is truly back, and kickin!!!! white knuckle ride is awesome, thanks jay kay and the gang.

This Is Great!

LOL, Matt Smith.

Now available on VirginMega for 0.99€ :)

Truly awful.RDLS bored me but this... This is bedroom produced dance tat! Sold the music fans down the river to please the little teeny boppers! Gutted!

Love it love it love it...I can listen to this track all day...

Posted a HD version of this on youtube...enjoy.

DO NOT POST THIS SONG ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!! People actually buy this, paying money to listen and then it ends up on youtube...?

@Jess & @Mike Jamiroquai have been incorporating disco into their music since at least 1996 - who's to say that a lot of other bands have followed suit as opposed to Jamiroquai sounding like 'every other band'? I love the way people never stop to think that these guys have poured their hearts and souls into making music and all they get is abuse!

Well said Dr J, I know music is a personal thing, but some people are hyper-critical of the band these days. I do scratch my head at some of it. Most bands music changes and evolves over the years and Jamiroquai are no different.

Great track!! Very groovy!!

Although I miss the "It's not so easy to control" part with a different melody just as on the 40s snippet.

I agree with scion0614, the real fans enjoy both old and new Jamiroquai anyway and I'm one of them.

[email protected] all of you who thought it was a remix

If it wasn't for Jay's voice I wouldn't be able to identify it as Jamiroquai's music. Too mainstream.

And, "live in the studio"? Come on... I hope there's some good tracks on the album. can a song with no video be in HD!?!? twat

well i love the old school jamiroquai, but i also liked dynamite & afo, its not that i dont like disco-tunes per se, mostly listening to electronic music, but this tune sadly gives me nothing...

i dont get why they highen our expertations ( "when many acts are producing electronic, disco influenced tracks, with ‘Rock Dust Light Star’ Jamiroquai has moved on and reverted to a more organic, live sound." ) and then publish this song - which is obviously a "disco influenced" track

no problem with jamiroquai evolving / new directions .... they do right moste of the time, but id like to hear something more unique and less lady gaga / faithless - charts crap
so i still hope the album will be better than this tune

Good song, Jay! And of course, it's radio ready.

-Let's get it on the Radio-

Eventually we will hear the album, so all of you mindless doubters aka Disappointed J-fan CHILL. Really.

I really like this :-) and i agree with many that it is radio ready, but for some reason the radio stations dont agree. I havent heard it once, either on national radio or local/independent. Cant understand that :-s. Plus living in the U.K, i cant find any legal download sites (itunes, hmv) that have it, so i'm listening to it on youtube, constantly lol :-)

Amazing 'comeback' single. I don't know why people need to complain, they can look forward to an entire new album after five years of nothing! This is just ONE song of it and Jay won't have made up that it will have a live feel to it.

This sounds nothing like on Dynamite for me (well, maybe a bit like Electric Mistress). Therefore I'm quite surprised in a positive way that they don't repeat themselves.

well, i was wrong about it being a remix.. i like the song overall, but would not have known it was jamiroquai aside from the vocals. it's missing their 'signature'..but maybe it's just a song to get people interested in the new album. for being 'real' it sounds awfully clean and processed, but maybe those are recording standards now. doesn't have a 'band' feel, more like dynamite than i'd like. it's a fun pop song, but not their best work.

The taster clip doesnt do it justice - ITS BRILLIANT!

Nothing wrong to do a dance track. Nothing wrong to make a comeback with a disco oriented - electronish pop song. But what are those cliché remix-sounding percussion-like effects (eg. at the beginning)? Talking about sterile -> this song is more sterile than any on AFO or Dynamite. Very produced, processed, flat song. Actually, with a different approach to producing the song itself could do justice. Maybe the live version is bearable.

Dont give hate a chance V 2.0. I can't wait for the dance routines with a team of women behind him in the video. Maybe some auto tune thrown in for the heck of it.

Thing is, I've never heard a Jamiroquai track played in a club in the first place (not even a remixed one) so why churn out this crap. At least you can pick and choose albums tracks on itunes.

@scion0614, true Jamiroquai fan, I like almost everything they do (old and new)... and if I don't like it, its cause I just don't feel it, it doesn't mean its bad or not the band's "sound" or that the song is not written well... I can't believe that people are angry, so they are doing something you don't like, deal with it... These type of complaints just lead to the band stopping everything altogether. Get over it, its a song... they aren't betraying you.

I like it!! is Disco to the bone!!!! hahaha

dope track...the video better have jay tearing up the dance floor with some honeys just like lil l!!!!!

@Notjustbonez - "These type of complaints just lead to the band stopping everything altogether" - If this is the kind of mainstream, pro-toolsed, crap we can expect from them, then it's no big loss. Organic my ass.

I like it. The way J changes the melody of the "it's not easy to control" part at the end is pure genius. It's a good song. They kept this type of music going when no one else was so they can keep churning it out as long as they want for all I'm concerned.

@Mike Then don't listen to Jamiroquai... problem solved... yeah, its not what they said it would be, but the rest of the album might be different then this, Rock Dust Light Star is way different than this (think A Funk Odyssey with Twenty Zero One and Corner Of The Earth)... And I think they should be able to change their sound if they choose (they shouldn't have said they were delivering something else, but whatever, we don't know what happened behind the scenes). It doesn't matter anyway, cause Jamiroquai is all about the concerts.

awful. jamiroquai is all about the concerts... because their albums have been meh for over a decade now. here's hoping the other 12 (?) tracks are highly disparate from this dreck.

dang...y'all be trippin' with the comments. lol. david, you got enough bandwidth? need us to pitch in some money? hilarious.

Just Heard White Knuckle Ride! Great grooves & glad 2 hear new jamirovibes finally but overall disappointed. The sound sadly yearned for higher peaks and when it climaxed, the song ended. Not Jays' organic sound(2 me @ least: consisting of larger scale of instruments used & had better, longer complex structure. For Ex: Scam, Just another Story, Revolution 1993, etc...) I hope that was just the remix (though unlikely) or @ the least the Single Edit... We will C when Rock Dust Light Star arrives with its Interplanetary Good Vibes [email protected] The Speed Of Cheeba...

bytheway we dont even know how many songs there s going to be on the album ... if they will be 14-15 songs on this album then its tolerable to have a song like white knuckle ride in it .. i liked the song alot.. i m more of a AFO era fan so ...

Um, This is Organic. I hear the Drums, Bass and Guitar. The Keys are what are making all those sounds in the background. What's not Organic About it?

Some elements of the song are nice, I really like the hihat and bass line. The vocals are a bit too pop'ish for me, especially in the chorus. I liked RDLS more, and I hope the complete album is going a bit more towards RDLS than this towards this song.

I just think that if anyone out there has heard something like Maxwell's Black Summers Night LP they'll realise that it is possible to:

a.) be an "album" artist (Maxwell had been away for years!)
b.) record for yourself and your fans - not worry about singles
c.) produce songs that let both the band and vocalist stretch out.
d.) rip it up live
Two different artists I know but theyre in a similar genre and it's the approach I'm talking about.

Incidentally, the song is available on Australian iTunes too.

As for people bitching about this song not being 'organic' or 'real' or whatever... do we know when it was recorded? Is it not possible that WKR was one of the very first songs written and recorded for the project, and *then* the band decided to go 'real' and 'organic'? The song as far as I'm aware has only ever been promoted as a 'teaser', something to whet our appetites until the album and first single proper 'Blue Skies'. For all we know it may not even appear on the album. And even if it does, the world won't collapse. There will be other songs on the album. So don't get yourselves into a state.

I have it on my I-pod now and car! Great surround sound. Great song! I looovvvvee it! It will probably be longer on the album. Can't wait for the rest on CD. Also, I don't care whether we call it pop, old skool, disco, funk, organic... it's MORE than good enough for me, and I'm not easy to please!

"Recorded before "real and organic" decision, only a teaser, may not appear on the album."
Good points Dave, I hadn't looked at it like that.

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