For Sale - Bass Guitar once owned by Paul Turner

Added on Saturday 21 August 2010, 17:05 (UTC)

Bass Gear, a website that aims to bring rare, innovative and interesting gear that is of interest to bass players currently has one of Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner's old guitars listed for sale.

The 5 string Alleva Coppolo LG5 Classic Supreme was used by Paul over recent years and he has only recently replaced it in the past few months.  Paul is not involved with the sale, having not had the bass in his possession for a few months.

For more information and photos of this unique bass please visit the Bass Gear website.

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why when i have no money?



that bass its classic and cool
how if I dont have the money?
Does it comes with all the bass lessons attached, by the price :) lol

Why He is selling ?
Sorry about the(lol)by the look that is a really good
bass instrument

Gbassplayer: Paul is not selling this. He sold it a few month ago to get (I think) a slightly heavier bass. Paul has no connection to this sale. He did tell me however that its an excellent bass!

Ohhhh i would litterally kill a baby to have that lol

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