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Added on Friday 18 September 2009, 12:03 (BST)

Jazzbeat radio, which is broadcast from Oakland, CA (in the US) will be broadcasting an interview with original Jamiroquai bass guitar player Stuart Zender on 26 September from 12-2pm (PST) at  The show will also be archived to listen to at a later date.

In other Stuart Zender news, Warwick recently created a 'Stuart Zender Signature Bass' and more information about it can be found at the Warwick Basses website.

Don't forget that for all the latest Stuart Zender news and information, head over to

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BTW, sweet looking 4-string bass! I really thought that he would re-make his "original" signature bass. You know which one I'm talking about! ;-)

Finally stu's dream will come true: with Toby smith, Simon Katz and perhaps Derrick Mckenzie or why not Van Gelder, he'll be, 11 years later(!), the leader of the classic Jamiroquai!ROOH would be actually the Jamiroquai 95 Rebirth! But don't forget: Jay IS the Soul of the band! Indeed the battle could be exciting: Jamiroquai 2010 vs ROOH: a kind of cold war betwwen the the most big EGO of Jamiroquai?

nemesium, I loe your comment. that battle would benefit the fans, more funk for us, I'll just wait patiently

they should barry the hatchet n go on tour together!!!

You're right Miguelquai. More funk for us. This news could stimulate a little more Jay! Imagine this scene: ROOH as the first part of Jamiroquai 2010 gig in london! It could be amazing!

Jay and Stu are pracitally brothers! I really wish they would put their "creative hatred" aside and be cool again. The world would be a funky place again, maybe even better than the first time!

I wish! The reason of these two ego's hatred is still for me a big mystery! By the way, the poor Nick Fyffe has been disappearing without a trace in the fans'mind. It's rather unfair because he did a really good job. Somebody knows why did he REALLY left the band after the marvellous Midnight sun tour??
As a way of conclusion: jamiroquai bass players are a very mystery! Paul don't left!

There is an interview made in 1999 in Argentina where jay says stu talked behind their backs , even toby admitted it. That stu had gone to some magazine and complained about Jay, also that he had always wanted to do stuff by his own and trying to talk other band members about it. Stu says band members where not credited fairly, which to some extent I believe. I love Jamiroquai but who knows what's behind the music we love. People make mistakes...funky ppl too

I Love it, 10 years since he left the band and Jay wrote King for a Day about him and they still have to use his short time with Jamiroquai as his #1 credit.

I went to a Jamiroquai show and proceded to watch Stuart sit for half of the show looking like he would have rather been anywhere but there. The guy may the bass pretty good but he has a bad attitude and will never be able to hack it with a big band again.

Bass Player wrote " I Love it, 10 years since he left the band and Jay wrote King for a Day about him and they still have to use his short time with Jamiroquai as his #1 credit." -------------- ---- Did 'Jay' himself tell you that he and 'Toby' wrote King For A Day about Stuart? Methinks not!

Stu Who wrote " I went to a Jamiroquai show and proceded to watch Stuart sit for half of the show looking like he would have rather been anywhere but there. The guy may the bass pretty good but he has a bad attitude and will never be able to hack it with a big band again."--------------------- Couldn't that have been YOUR impression? Which more than likely was the case. I personally know the man. He's a very down-to-earth man. Not arrogant, obnoxious or moody. He's a great bloke. People give him a rough way to go and try to diminish his talent and skills, which really isn't fair to him. The bottom line is Stuart Zender was the best bassist Jamiroquai had EVER had. Without Stuart Zender those delicious funk bits wouldn't have been as funky. There were other bassists that came and tried to 'fill' Stu's shoes..... but no one EVER can. The tracks 'Mr. Moon' and as well as 'Everyday' and UNdoubtedly Stu's brilliance at work. Not to mention his track 'So Cold' that D'Angelo guested and played keys on. People need to give Stu credit for his contributions to the music that he HELPED create. They forget he was a 'founding member' of that group. No matter what incarnations that group takes, it will NEVER AGAIN BE the same without Stuart
'sausage fingers' Zender on the bass. It's a fact that can't be denied.

@Bass Player... In his 'short time' with the band, Stu 'co-wrote' several tunes that are classics and timeless. Quite an accomplishment I'd say. Stu has a 'LEGACY' and by extension so does his daughter. It's only natural for him to want to 'preserve' that legacy.... rightfully so.

I rembemer, it was on april 1997, my FIRST Jamiroquai Gig! I was so excited to see for the first time my favorite band after a 4 years waiting since Emergency On Planet Earth (i 've been living in the North of France). Obviously, Jay was the man I would see, but Stuart too! He blown my mind through out his incredible bass lines and touch. But like Stu Who'said higher, I've got the very bad impression that he would have rather been anywhere but there: no smile for us, he would rarely look to the public and, i bound to confess, i was shocked when, during the travelling without moving bass solo, he looked above and blowing as he was boring! His attitude disapointing me!Yes, We've been modestic people, but we earn respect!
I was a little angry about him after the show, and in 1999, when Nick Fyffe replaced him, I bound to confess that i was no so sad!
But, time has passed, i think now that maybe there was a problem between jay and him before the live as kind of explanation.
Yes, the jamiroquai sound has changed since his missing but it's too his own fault; the introduction of electronica part (and its consequently 1999-2005 orientation) was due to his departure.
Now, i've been looking to his evolution and i would say that it's a little sad that such a great talent has never reach something 11 years later and he's always obliged to put behind his jamiroquai's past. I'll really hope for him that he would success now. He earn that, in regarding his talent.
Ps: I've seen two jamiroquai's gigs since (1999 and 2005) and Fyffe and Turner was so cool with those who love the band...BIG UP TO THOSE GUY!

I just listened to the interview with stuart zender and I have a few comments:
1. He seems like a really down to earth cool ass dude
2. He really likes to talk a lot
3. The person asking the questions was absolutely clueless(stupid?)
4.Who is the Bass player on the studio version of Space Cowboy?

the interviewer was vapid, to say the least. she had zero conversation skills, and seemingly knew nothing about stuart ahead of time (she was likely reading a list of facts about him) but luckily stuart is a talker and filled the gaps.

MrX is the bass player on the studio version of space cowboy. Derrick McKenzie should knows WHO WAS this guy: if someone had the luck to talk to him through the net, please ask him the question: we've to break 15 years of mystery!:-))
Ps: Mr X's bass sound was near to Nick Fyffe's sound.

Derrick has said he doesn't remember the guy's name. All he remembers is 'he was a fat black guy who was also a music producer.'


It is very fair to say that Stuart doesn't receive the credit that is rightfully his, I just would like to see a peaceful reunion between the founding members. A down to earth fellow indeed, realize that we all make mistakes and we are human. There must be a reconciliation! For goodness sake people, forgive one another and let us move on in the funk!

well said kenneth!!


And don't forget that they were all young dudes at that time!! I have seen Stu with Jamiroquai 4 or 5 times. He almost always gave the impression he was bored. I do think it was a style he was having...

Someone finally said it: "It was a style..." congrats SanKuKaï. That's it! On the first tours Stu was very actived and used to jump, walk around the stage... But they were growing up, and that was the style he had before he left...! Very quiet playing on the same place..! There are a lot of elements working on this one! We won't know that! But its cool to see Stu doing it again! ;)

Stu is a legend. Perhaps he was boring with Jamiroquai, but what did he do after leaving the band ? Rnb and crap sound with overrated artists. That's all. So, The music is a collective history that each member writes equally. Stu without Jamiroquai is not the real Stu. And won't be anymore. Just like Jay.

Stu with Jamiroquai won't be the "real" Stu also...! Because the band has "deformed" that much, that is not a little part of what they were at the very beginning! Overrated artists? Wow, like Stevie Wonder and Mark Ronson? haha! Come on! :D Jamiroquai's time passed away eleven years ago, and now its time to see what does Stu have on his pockets! Derrick McKenzie, Simon Katz, Bluey from Incognito, Pete Ray Biggin and a lot of other amazing artists we still don't know...! He's also in a new deal with Warwick basses, and you still think it is something little?? :S Your post was a bit ignorant "Funkadelic" boy..! (N)

A bit ignorant ? I don't think so... A bit realist for sure. Stu is a Legend for me. But since he left Jamiroquai (HIS wish), he has played few tunes with Stevie (Which masterpiece ?), Hill... And few gigs with Ronson, the type of british overrated artist. And about the deal with warwick, ok, but what else ? Will it change the funk world ?

Moreover, his solo project, AZUR, is a crap material, no doubt about it. That's the way it is. Stu is the best bassplayer on earth, with groove, style, feeling, but I just hope the best is yet to come with his news band.

I know you're a big fan of Zender (just like me) but to tell the story doesn't mean stay blind...

His website has the full interview. Enjoy..

I know we are Zender fans... There's no doubt about it! Its just... Let the guy do his work and see wot happens! Who knows if its gonna change the funk world or not? What if it ends being a total success? and get major impact on music? WE DON'T KNOW! :)
And maybe Stuart knows he hasn't done so much these years... as U said, and that's probably why he's now appearing with all this stuff! let's give him some support! :)

Peace Funkadelic :)

FunkEducation, I like your comment. I believe Jamiroquai with Stuart Zender would not go back to tis originality. Times are different and Jay kay used to sing about the injustice and complain about the world, now he collects Ferraris, even his dressing style is different. Before he did not even care on what to wear on tv shows like taratata, etc. Now he wears expensive clothing and and is rude to press(drunk many times). his voice is also different because of the drugs he took, I bet he cannot sing Half the man again, or do the high pitch when singing Space cowboy. I am sad for all this, but it s my opinion from what I see ( 1 album every 5 years after AFO; it used to be two)

Yeah, peace ;) Just share and enjoy funk, no matter who plays ! Like the prophet said : "The remedy is in the sound" :)

I LOVE every single album. They are each different and that happens with every good band. A good band can't simply churn out the same album after album. There is no doubt that Jay has changed. I would like to say HE has become more mature but that does not seem to be the case. His songs and voice have for sure have matured. He sounds so much better on Dynamite than he did on EOPE. If we are all honest he was a Stevie sound alike. Not anymore, really not since that album. Stu was great is he the best ever, not even close, not even in the top 50. Does Jason and co. need him no, does he need them, probably not either.He is talented enough to make it on his own for sure. Everything happens for a reason. The ONLY prophet and Legend in music is Bob Marley. That is something probably both Jay and Stu would agree on as well as millions of other people around the world.

@Funkadelic - AZUR is not crap - it would've been amazing in 1998 to hear r&b and drum 'n bass combined in such an elegant and compelling way. I think most of the songs stand up to the test of time. 'So Cold' could still be a hit.

@JamiroFan - WTF. Jay's music was much better when they the band was raw..and when his voice was still on point. He could SING! If being mature means blowing out your voice and not being able to sing your old songs, then I'll take the 'immature' Jay. The arrangements might be better now, but the band lacks that original energy that drew lots of us in.
BTW, what are you smoking - he sounds better on Dynamite than EOPE? Pff..give me a break man! Dissociation from reality.. And I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate being called a Stevie sound-a-like..though it is a compliment in some ways, it's much, much better than how he sounds now. Dried out, paying the price for the party years. This is incontrovertible.

agreed with U epiphyte!!!!

I totally disagree with all of you. Arrangements better? Voice more mature? What the hell? Just listen to ROTSC and then dynamite .. Where is the Fender Rhodes, the horns, bass variations, strings, voice solos, synths?? That´s what it is a good arrangement, not some electronic beat and comercial guitar .. What about the singing? Melodic high ranged voice filled with "bee boop bee dap" turned into a raspy sound of tobacco .. its called mature voice? For me everything changed for worse, the voice, the singing, the message, the originality, the arrangements, the music quality and richness, the clothing, everything. But hey, I´m not blaming nobody, changing, that´s just part of life, and musicians do change a lot, specially those with a high life like Jay had in the past 16 years.

I say that because I think the band, when they do jam, jam in multiple directions and grooves whereas the old stuff centers around just a couple of grooves per song. I don't mean the old band isn't as good, or better than the new's just more variety now per song (my opinion). Whether or not that variety outweighs the classic grooves from the 90s...I think you know the answer =)

Are you all hearing the same stuff I'm hearing or are you so blind to any Jamiroquai after Stu left that you are so biased you will NEVER give the band and J a chance again? The guy can still sing. If he can't when did he stop? ROTSC, TWM, Synkronized???? When? When Stu left? The last show I saw was on the Dynamite tour in Chicago and he hit every single note and sounded f ing perfect. Granted now days he does not have to push on his damn diaphram every sinlge time he needs to hit a high note and look like a fool, maybe he does not need to go as high, if it stopped him from doing that silly amature move than I am all for it. I watched him do that a hundred times one night. He looked like an idiot. And yes like someone else said, Stu sat down the 2nd half of the show and looked bored as could be. And I would call it anything but his own style. He was obvioulsy pissed and he soon departed the band and did not perform as a true professional. As a professional musician I have no doubt the songs are way more mature, full and better arrangements now then before. DM's beats are on point the guitar and bass are excellent. Everything. The arrangments on the first 2 albums were simplistic and copied. They formed their own sound on TWM and now really have their own sound. Did J sound like Stevie in the beginning..Yes. Is that a bad thing...for Stevie no, for J...yes. Does he sound like Stevie He sounds like JK. I simply don't understand. If you guys hate the music this much and have this much animosity towards, J, the band, the sound, the songs. Then forget about these guys. Just listen to the first 2 albums over and over and be done with it. Go ahead now and trash me. I guess like JK I don't mind. Do I like the cars and clothes and women, shi**y obnoxious attitude and big houses...not particularly, but as the same time-I don't care. I like the music.

I can both sides to most of your statements except that he can't sing anymore. Just taking Dynamite as an example what do you call World that he wants, 7 days, Starchild, Don't give hate a chance, Time Won't wait? That's the voice of a guy who can still sing. Maybe different than 15 years ago but he can still sing. And sing better than 90% of the pop world.

I still like Jamiroquai, no doubt there has been many changes throughtout the years. I think Dynamite is great albums but the voice is not the same. Jamiroquai is not Jamiroquai anymore. I do not feel the funk as much as before, the originality they had before (even though many people say they sounded like Stevie), they were unique. Their focus on the bass gave them that special touch that drew us on them.

Let's be honest. Jamiroquai is JK. Plain and simple. Like it or not that is reality. If it was Stu or Toby they would have disolved years ago. Obviously that is the case as we see 18 or so years later. It is also obvious with all of the footage of Michael Jackson recently where J got most of his dance moves. Of course his voice is not the same he is 18 years older. He is not a kid anymore. He is a grown man. The funk is there. Listen to Starchild listen to Runaway. It is as funky as anything on the scene and as funky as anything they have recorded. Of course there was there was the magic that drew us all to the band years and years ago but, what now? If you don't like it now then simmer down, go away. They are what they are, b*tch and moan all you want you must deal with reality. The sound now is the sound. The Band is the band. JK is JK. He is the same JK now with more money. To be completely honest they were as original as the Beastie Boys were with Licended To Ill. For all of the white crowd they were something special totally original and unique, to the crowd in the know they were just another hip hop group. To the original fans of Jamiroquai they were something new, something original and unique, but to people in the know since the 70's they were a new version of sounds of old. Now they are original, now they have their own sound, now they are their own band. JK has his own voice. It all is good. From Emergency to Dynamite it all is good. Not every song but every album. For some time I hated AFO for the past several years I love it. Just simmer down and give the guys a break.

I don't think anyone's saying he can't sing anymore. I think what they're saying is that he can't sing as well as he used to, especially the old songs..but to be fair, everyone ages and changes. Equating his singing voice from 1993 to his voice 2009 or saying 'his voice was like Stevie before and now it's his own voice' is just baloney though, a bridge too far. His voice in 1993 was his voice and his voice now is his voice affected by his lifestyle and age. To answer you JamiroFan, his voice started getting iffy in the Synkronized era, sounded pretty good on the recording of AFO, and then sometime between then and Dynamite the timbre and clarity really changed. Maybe he should keep pushing on his diaphragm, some of the notes aint comin' out so good anymore..I certainly winced a few times during say, Jazz Cafe 2006. Jay's still the man though, a top notch performer and band leader. Better than most, still.

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