Jamiroquai sign to Universal Music and new album/tour in 2010

Added on Tuesday 25 August 2009, 07:38 (UTC)

In an interview broadcast on the website on Monday 24 August, Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie revealed (confirming newspaper rumours from many months ago) that Jamiroquai have signed a deal with Universal Music.

He also said that the band have recorded more than 40 new tracks - although don't expect to hear them all - only a selection of the 'best' tracks will make it onto an album.

Most of the new tracks have been recorded live - i.e., all the band in the studio playing together, and not just invidual tracks layered on top of one another.  There's a couple of disco tracks recorded, but expect to hear a kind of soulful, funky sound with horns, strings, etc.

The new album is expected 'middle of next year, which is to coincide with a tour.'

The interview was broadcast as part of a two hour radio show and most of the show is currently available to download from the website (link is on page two of the forum thread).

Please be aware that dates are subject to change - so here's hoping that we don't have to wait almost another year for the album!

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