Jamiroquai sign to Universal Music and new album/tour in 2010

Added on Tuesday 25 August 2009, 07:38 (BST)

In an interview broadcast on the website on Monday 24 August, Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie revealed (confirming newspaper rumours from many months ago) that Jamiroquai have signed a deal with Universal Music.

He also said that the band have recorded more than 40 new tracks - although don't expect to hear them all - only a selection of the 'best' tracks will make it onto an album.

Most of the new tracks have been recorded live - i.e., all the band in the studio playing together, and not just invidual tracks layered on top of one another.  There's a couple of disco tracks recorded, but expect to hear a kind of soulful, funky sound with horns, strings, etc.

The new album is expected 'middle of next year, which is to coincide with a tour.'

The interview was broadcast as part of a two hour radio show and most of the show is currently available to download from the website (link is on page two of the forum thread).

Please be aware that dates are subject to change - so here's hoping that we don't have to wait almost another year for the album!

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...that really sounds good! :-)

Wait and see... and listen

WOW! First Stuart Zender with "Running Out Of Heroes"... and now Jamiroquai! Are my music dreams coming all true? haha! Now I just can't wait to have and listen all this music!

the best..!


Hmmm... wait and see indeed. So much for "new album in late 2009". Oh well...

Congrats JMQ!!!!
All well ends well eheheheheh!
Looking forward the release of the new album!


Boy! Did I get slated a few years back saying the new album would be released 2010... I got the last laugh!!!!
Can't wait! xo.

Finaly goods news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the album is at june in my 50th birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Great present for meeeeeeeeeee.

Good things come to those who wait... I'm not saying it will be easy. Especially not when you hear/rad things like 'soulful, funky sound with horns, strings'. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do... wait! I'm really looking forward to this album. My expectations are up there . Back to the oldschool! :)~

Amazing news! I can't wait for the new album!

Universal will hopefully be coughing up some good tour and promotion money.

Thanks Meike and Derrick for keeping the people informed.

Wow this is great news! It pains me that 40 tracks have been 'recorded' and yet we may have to wait the best part of a year to hear a new album! =/ Ahh well, much to look forward too though!

FINALLY some news!! I have a friend who works @ Universal Music Canada!!! I cant wait!!! 40 tracks!! WOW!! I bet all 40 of them are solid tracks!! The best part of this article: " There's a couple of disco tracks recorded, but expect to hear a kind of soulful, funky sound with horns, strings, etc. " :)!!!!!!

Can't tell y'all how long I've been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!! Oh, JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

The only good news since a long time!
I can't wait the new album...I'm overjoyed
Much Love and Respect to Derrick

Still a year away? Oh well, sounds good anyway...

tooo muchhhh waiting :@ it took them 5 years to make an album :@

It is the best news! Hooray!

Disappointed about 2010, but man, that's a lot of B-Sides!

Word, Jules! I hope that they AT LEAST have a B-Sides compilation (maybe 15 to 20) of the new tunes with the new release. Summer 2010 just seems too far away now a days... :-

We've waited 5 years! So excited! They better come to the States!!!!!!

I can't wait for the new album.
Japanese fan is always thinking about new album lol

Thanks Mr. D and thanks Meike for keeping us informed. It's sounds great ! Looking forward to it !So Jamily, start saving, we'll have some concerts to attend next year !

I was expecting it a little earlier, but WOW :D Live recorded music... it couldn't be another way being Jamiroquai.
Pretty sure the world tour will be awesome too ;)
Te queremos Jami, waiting 4 U in spain!
Cheers averybody!

Yeah baby !!

Cant't wait!

Yes yes yes, finally some indication of when we can hear some new grooves! Still a long time to wait but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Maybe can we hear some tracks still, if there's 40 to go around....?

Anybody knows why they will wait so long if the songs are already done? 5 years waiting is...too much

A whole new ERA is about to start, with loads of new tracks, albums, singles, gigs, tours! We're ready and we can't wait for what's next...

anybody could recommend me some cds i listen to until the next album? you know i have all of jamiroquai's already!

MIDDLE OF NEXT YR! I tought it would be out v.soon! Good news ref the music, back to the old sound but VERY BAD NEWS regarding the realise date. But still listen to space cowboy all the time 16 years so an extra few months for the perfect album isnt too bad i suppose! Cant Wait tho

For Rainier:

Band: Galliano
Album: The Plot Thickens
Tracks: 3 and 4

For Rainier:
for me theres no music close to Jamiroquai,

but listen to chick corea - track called "crystal silence"
from 1972. you'll find it on youtube it has
fender rhodes piano and cool chords

check these albums:
donald byrd - places and spaces
marvin gaye - i want you , here my dear
any roy ayers music


A double album would be nice :) They seem to have more than enough tracks.

yes! double cd! so exited...

The promess is coming true, live recording, They owe this alb. Glad to know this, let´s wait for some bootleg copies of the album, I hate to wait and love to hunt unrelased stuff

2001 - 2010

Yes! That is the great news that I want to hear. I hope that they play in the States. I am excited! All I need to do is save up for their concert. I'm glad that JMQ is coming back, it's been a while.

Man ohhh man!!!! I have been waiting for years for this piece of news!!! The tour is what got me excited the most - can't wait to see them live! Thank youuuu!

What a big hamper full of underpants having to wait that long. Nobody comes close to Jamiroquai, but in the meantime try the album "Moving with the Shakers" by the Sunburst Band (Joey Negro) for some funk in your life.

Looking forward to this ..hope it happens! We are all waiting..we've missed you Jamiroquai!

Jamiroquai: 5 yrs - 1 LP
James Brown: 1 yr - 5 LP
so sad, so sad...

I think the U.S. is in for a suprise. Jamiroquai has always been a band recognized world wide. But Universal has such a strong hold of Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Neptunes/NERD and I really think Jamiroquai has a great label to back them up. Universal has a good market share of American musicians that I think we're going to hear great music and really great music videos (something that has really become kind of forgotten about) and we all know Jamiroquai has super creative videos. I know its been awhile since I have re-surfaced but my ears are awaiting some new Jamiroquai material!

A very good news! I'm very curious to listent to few samples! Only 10 months to wait!

I'm sure it will be well worth the wait-the best artists,after all, don't crash out commercial stuff every year. Can anyone advise me as I can't log on and register for some reason,eventhough it said accepted.I'd love to communicate with other fans.Thanks, love Pippa (Montreux area).

I'really happy with this news, after all,the best artists don't come up with tubes every year! I am really having problemes with registering on the forum as I would love to communicate with other fans-Help,thanks, Pippa (Montreux area).

Can't wait, but have to,there is stillness in time,but time goes fast.See you soon the best funk band in the world.

Can't wait, but have to,there is stillness in time,but time goes fast.See you soon the best funk band in the world.

for Zed & Drop that sh*t

thanx a lot! i'm 19 yo, just started my funk odyssey. here's top 10 songs for me right now:

(60s) Stevie Wonder "My Cherie Amour"
(70s) Funkadelic "Cosmic Slop"
(70s) Herbie Hancock "Maiden Voyage/Actual Proof"
(70s) Earth, Wind & Fire "That's the Way of the World"
(80s) Chic "Goodtimes"
(90s) Basia "Cruising for Bruising"
(90s) Jamiroquai "Emergency on Planet Earth"
(90s) Prince "Letitgo"
(90s) Red Hot Chili Peppers "Around the World"
(00s) The Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar"

i think funk seems a keyword for my favorites. i try to enrich my music experience following you! year to go :< maybe the half of the tracks are for the next album which will come 2011 or whatever 8D ...just kidding

yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*my heart is going to explode with joy*

@PippaP: Please drop me an email with username and the email address you registered with. Then I can help you to come online!! Write to: [email protected] - Talk to you soon!! CosmicMouse

woooo hooo !!!! very excited !!!! Hoping they release it early. mid next year is too long to wait !!

Amazing you all say?? Amazing would be in a week or something .. they have been announcing the album since early 2008! Christ, so much waiting ... I guess we´ll reach 2010 and then they say "the new album is expected to release in 2011" ..
I just hope it will be worth it, and they get back to the good old times with all that rhodes, synths, horns and bass slaps ... I´ve got enough of "popy disco teen" thing .. aww one year more?? Jay lazy Jay :S ...

Rainier. If you like Jamiroquai you may wish to give the following albums a try.

Tower of Power - Urban Renewal (1975)
The Rebirth - This Journey In (2006)
Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - Gears (1975)
The Sunburst Band - Until The End of Time (2006)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Lifeline (1977)
Flow Dynamics - Flow Dynamics (2007)

If you like live shows Incognito have recently released a dvd 'Live at the Java Jazz festival' which is excellent as well.

Hope you enjoy if you take the advice.

Cheers David,
The Rebirth are superb, just bought it online ;)

Might as well start saving up for the 2010 tour... a few live gigs will do me good :)

thank you David! i bought Galliano, Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers and The Rebirth at first.

Here are some rare funky/jazzy/disco pearls I've found online( recently and that should keep your ears busy until the album:
- Freedom Time (Linda Tillery)
-Patience (Rokk)
-Losing You (Courtial)
-Second Sight (Artemis)
-losalamitoslatinfunklovesong (Gene Harris)
-Racetrack in France (Gil Scott-Heron)
-Funny Funk (George Duke)
-Fickle Funk (Chick Corea)
-Joyous (Pleasure)
-Mama Coco (Gino Vannelli)
-Raid the radio (General Elektricks)
-LA Nights (Yasuko Agawa)
-Space talk (Asha Puthli)

The Quantic Soul Orchestra & Spanky Wilson - Live In Paris (2008)

Rainier and Callum, happy to oblige. Azadikhah, some great tunes there.
Being a bit of an album collector I never really considered listing individual songs but for anyone interested here are a few, both rare and common, old and new alike, that I think have that Jamiroquai vibe:-

Sweet Power - James Mason (1977)
Is this the Best - LA Boppers (1980)
Over and Over - Sylvester (1977)
Dialed Up - Orgone (2007)
In the Centre - Rodney Franklin (1978)
Something Real - Omar (feat. Stu Zender) (2000)
Let Me Dance - Ronn Matlock (1979)
Dance with Me - Ben Westbeech (2007)
Time - Light of the World (1980)
Thinking of You - Sister Sledge (1979)
Lansana's Priestess - Donald Byrd (1973)
Weldon Irvine - We gettin Down (1974)
The Naughty Bhudda - The Haggis Horns (2007)
Do I Do - Stevie Wonder (1982)
Harlem River Drive - Bobbi Humphrey (1973)
When she Smiles she lights the Sky - Plantlife (2004)

Hope anyone who indulges enjoys.


Thighs High - Tom Browne
Another Star - Stevie Wonder
Manhattan Rhythm - Sweet Lady
Summer's Ended - Incognito
Casa Forte - Banda Black Rio
Sunset Driver - Michael Jackson
Play With the Changes - 4Hero
It Will Be - Reel People
Up and Up - Recloose
Read My Mind - Metro Area
Blue Jay - Owusu & Hannibal
Tonight - Kleeer (Sa-Ra Creative Partners Remix)
Champagne - Trentemøller

I cant wait .... the Album should be awsome .... 40 tracks to pick from .... with horns and strings should be nice .... cant wait to see them in Chicago!!!

thank you all! i found songs of rodney franklin and recloose especially cool among the lists you gave. and now my room is filled with the rebirth's tracks. i’m happy to be with good music and to know those who love jamiroquai are kind all over the world! i’m looking forward to enjoying their new album with you as soon as possible and checking here to meet great songs like this time. the only thing embarrasses me is that i have no information to give you from tiny asian country i live in…

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