Jay returns (once again) to the Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Added on Tuesday 07 July 2009, 08:14 (BST)
Jay is a regular visitor to the Goodwood Festival Of Speed motoring event held near the south coast of England was once again in attendance at this years event which took place at the weekend.  A photo of Jay from the event can be found at the Getty Images website, and I'm sure there's a few other photos out there on the web...  According to GQ magazine Jay stayed on site in his own winnebago!
Credit: Janice Parsons

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Great to see Jay at Goodwood on Sunday in the Porsche VIP area, had a chat & photo taken, lovely guy & been crazy about his music for years, was a really pleasure & Jay wished my pregnancy well too, really lovely guy. Thank you & hope you enjoy the rest of the festival !!

Dang! Yasmine LeBon looks the same as she did in the 80s! What's her secret!? Good to see Jay too, of course! I almost hate to say it, but I wish Jamiroquai were still with their old label. They'd probably have another album out by now. Completely selfish of me, I know. Sorry. I just have to remember that anything worth having's worth waiting for. So, I'll continue to wait for some new JMQ tunes.

Was the reference to the Porsche VIP area really required?

Where is the music, Jay?

Ah, so that's where he was in the porsche tent, even though he's just purchased himself an R8. I went on Sunday compilments of Audi it was a fabulous day! Saw some fabulous people and some great bikes and cars even got a pick of Senna's race car. I was hoping to see Jay in his classic porsche he aquired last year...ditto to the impatience of the album but I'm sure all these experiences lead to good lyrics!!lol Meanwhile pass the champers!

That's one swanky fellow right there! I know that EVERYBODY is "chompin' at the bit" right now (me too ;-] ), but be patient! It will happen soon. At least its this year!

ditto all the comments re: new album.............also what about a concert????........and if it was in Brighton..............even better!!!!...saw Jay at goodwood too...............lookin gooood!!!!xx

I think we will all have to wait until after the F1 season... let the man travel, soak up the revs, and then he will lay down the sweet sounds. He gigs at the tracks (malaysia i believe was one).. it is nice to have a rock star who can pilot a real car. (are you listening eddie griffin? get some lessons)

re- Bob Flemings comment about the Porsche VIP area really being what?Louise only mentioned it,she didn't seem to come across as bragging...geeeeeeez...cheer up!

I'll reserve judgement on my comment; it just appeared to be extraneous detail. Excuse my cynicism.

And now for something completely different: As I returned from my holiday, I was crossing the "Pont du Normandy" (majestic!)when all of a sudden "(don't) give hate a chance" was played on the radio. The right song at the right place and on the right time...
Thankyou Jamoroquai!

a good reporter

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