Montreux Jazz Festival on TV in HD

Added on Friday 20 March 2009, 13:10 (GMT)

High Definition music television channel MTVN HD is broadcasting a show called "Montreux Jazz Festival 2003" over the coming days and Jamiroquai are one of the artists listed in the description of the show.

In the UK there are broadcasts on 21, 24 and 28 March and also on 6 April.  I don't know how the channel differs in different regions/countries so check television listings for more information.  In addition to the MTVN HD site, there's also information about the channel and its coverage over at Wikipedia.

Of course, if you want to watch Jamiroquai's entire 2003 Montreux concert performance in high definition then it will be released on blu-ray in May.

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I hope to see it! PS: i have search the EURO TOP 20 in the site and i saw Jamiroquai (Love foolosophy) on 14th position!

Is there really a broadcast on 38th March??

Steve: I just checked my calendar - for some bizarre reason there isn't a 38th March this year! I think it should probably be the 28th! Cheers.

Absolutely excellent - really enjoyed watching that in crystal clearness :)

also highlighted were Lisa Stansfield, Craig David & Moorcheeba who were all superb! makes a hell of a difference in HD :-)

produced by Eaglevision as with the montreux dvd ;-)

thanks David!

I saw it the other night. I personally wouldn't have picked those 3 songs from that concert to televise, but that's just a personal choice. It was still exemplary to see them though.

Paranoid Android by Radiohead was excellent.

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