South Korean concert setlist

Added on Saturday 15 November 2008, 11:51 (GMT)
South Korea concert poster

On Friday night Jamiroquai performed their first concert (as far as I know) in Korea.  The band performed at the Olympic Hall in Seoul and the setlist (in no particular order!) was as follows:

  1. The Kids
  2. High Times
  3. Seven Days In Sunny June
  4. Alright
  5. Little L
  6. Space Cowboy
  7. Black Capricorn Day
  8. Use The Force
  9. Cosmic Girl
  10. Travelling Without Moving
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. Canned Heat
  13. Deeper Underground

If you were there and want to post any reviews or links to photos/videos (there's some videos over at YouTube already), please feel free to add a comment to this news item.

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I love jamiroquai

I'll second that Marco

Guys, what is the point of submitting comments like that?

it looks like it was an incredible show :)

jimbo ,..and what´s the point of u asking this?...i think everybody should be able express any jamiroquai related feelings here *g* ...i love jamiroquai too :D

btw there are some reviews with pics and videos on jpp and jamirotalk!
the video with jay dancing is just hilarious :D he is just a little bit special :D
paul was awesome as always...well they are all great.

Yes Jimbo, is there some kind of premium on space on this website that people aren't allowed to produce comments that don't meet some kind of worthiness criteria?

I don't like it when somebody calls other people "guys" (as it makes you sound like an over-enthusiastic radio DJ), but I'm not going to tell you you can't write that.

Ok I apologize...I only thought those comments were simply useless just like dazed fans love doing. But I don't know them and everyone can say what they want.

Sorry for the "G" word, English is not my mother language, I don't really know what the way I talk connotes...

thanks jimbo..back to a good vibe zone !!!!!!!! :)))
over -enthuasiastic radio DJ??? lol Bob..good one ...

i am not something like a jay kay fanatic but i just have to say i loved this black hat so much more than the beanies..looks so much funkier in my eyes! hehheheh

It's so exciting to read that the boys are back on the road again!!! Here's hoping for news of more gig dates soon :) xx

I wish they would come back to the US! Man, I'm just thirsty for some more new material. 6-8 months feels almost like an eternity!

Hello party people! Let's enjoy with good vibes witch JMQ Performs for us than discuss wiitch comment worth writing or not... :)

I love them like hell, but are they ever going to change the setlist?! they have a lot of songs to play!!

Sorry Jimbo, my comment looks quite harsh looking back on it now. Your English is actually very good and you can use apostrophes, which is a rarity in our country.

Yes, I thought they might be more creative with the set list now that they're free of the Sony shackles. Maybe they have new shackles?

hmm..setlist..i am still afraid that the majority is still satisfied with the actual setlist?...but i agree that any change would refresh the whole thing..and i am actually pretty optimistic for 2009 ;) :D

Wow! Deeper Underground encore?? Seriously, I love me some Quai, but they really should experiment with the setlists some more. Can't wait for some new music...

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