Online guitar masterclass with Rob Harris

Added on Wednesday 24 September 2008, 21:34 (BST)

The Guitar Class - a website which aims to make guitar playing self-learning as easy as possible has Jamiroquai's Rob Harris giving a masterclass for subscribers to the site.

"If you're interested in adding a little taste of funk into your playing then this is the masterclass for you! Having played with artists ranging from Gary Numan to Kylie Minogue, and currently with Jamiroquai, Rob's tips on rhythm playing are well worth checking out!"

More information about the masterclass and a video clip can be found at The Guitar Class website.

Credit: Maxime Varet

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Cool! Thanks.

Thanks so much for this!!
i love how he explains stuff and just..well..i adore this guy ;) :)

On a loosely related guitar topic, was it my imagination or was that Paul Turner playing with Will Young on the T4 Special on Sunday? If so, I assume it's on a temporary basis? Also, one of Jamiroquai's backing singers (sorry I don't know her name) was performing with him as well. Is Mr Young gradually trying to poach the whole band, although you can't blame him for trying?

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